Looking for a mission.

Delta enters through the Electown portal, then looks around, Good thing I have a map, he says, looking the map of the netsquare on his HUD, Now I just need to find the mission BBS. He begins walking in the direction of the mission BBS, and begins to look at it once he gets there.
(OoC: I'm assuming that Maps of the more public areas of the net are fairly common. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
EDIT: Do Hit Points reset when you enter or leave the netsquare? If not, my navi has 80HP.)
Delta looks at the Mission BBS, then calls Henry, "Hey Henry, we've got a mission."
In the real world, Henry looks at the computer, then types in his reply and downloads the file, "Okay, head over to ACDC now."
Delta begins to navigate his way towards the ACDC town portal. When he reaches it, he walks through.
[Going to ACDC town.]
Delta enters through the ACDC town portal and walks over to the mission BBS. when he gets there, he posts something on the board, then logs out.
[Logging out.]