First Mission

Nitro appeared in the square in a flash of green light. He then looked around. "So, should we just wait here for those guys we were told to meet?" He said, inquiringly.
"Yeah, but lets see if we can find them over by the Netopia portal." Chris replied. "Thats where he said the package was headed, so they're probably waiting for us there."
"Alright, I'm heading over there now." Nitro began walking over to the Netopia portal.
On the way to the Netopian portal, Nitro came upon the supplier's outlet mentioned by the employer on the BBS. It appeared to be a wide counter next to an enclosed space, much like a building, with what appeared to be many large doorways along the front. Each doorway was sealed with a transparent field that prevented entry, but allowed anyone to look in and see either a dataport pad in an empty room, or a rock-cube sized data package sitting within.

A few doorways down, a smaller datacube was being carried out of the facility by one of the outlet's worker Navis. The worker Navi set the cube down next to a clerk Navi and a pair of custom Navis.

The first Navi was a female in a red bodysuit. Instead of a helmet, she had a broad white headband that covered a decent portion of the top of her head, and allowed her short orange hair to fall to about the level of her chin (not even to her shoulders). She had a squarish antenna jutting up from her left ear cover, and a matching boom-mic curving around from the same. Her right forearm was a long-barrel buster instead of a regular arm. She wore no armor, save her left hand's glove, and her knee-high plate greaves and boots. She was looking down at the package, somewhat curious.

The other Navi, a male, was somewhat shorter than his traveling companion. Unlike her, his body suit was a light green, with a teal stripe running down his arms, legs, and sides that seemed to have a glow running along it periodically. He wore darker green torso armor and a full helmet of the same shade. His gloves were a bit bulkier than usual, and had some sort of paired hydraulic armatures that ran from the backs of his enlarged forearms to his backpack. He was just pressing his thumb to a tablet the clerk Navi was holding out when Nitro caught him speaking... "Arrite. That should do it."

The Navi turned to his taller companion as the cleric scurried off. "Now we just wait for the other guy, right?"

The female shrugged, looked up, then pointed at Nitro, who happened to be the only other custom Navi for a good distance in any direction. "I think that's him."

The shorter Navi turned to him, and raised an outsized hand. "Yo!" As he lowered his arm, he bluntly asked out of the blue "Does 'Cyber Cafe' mean anything to you?"
"Yeah, It does, actually." Nitro said to the other green Navi, as he held out his hand. "I'm Nitro, I'm the one who was sent to help you guys. If you don't mind me asking, what is it that's being delivered?"
The green Navi shook Nitro's hand. "Name's Gunther.EXE. A pleasure to be workin' with ya."

The other Navi stayed where she was, but likewise introduced herself. "I'm Barretta.EXE. And as far as we know, the box contains data for new blends of cyber tea and cyber coffee. We're not allowed to open it though."

"Eh, the contents dun matter ta me that much. Work's work. And it pays well." Gunther said, sounding a little pleased at the pay he was being offered. "Speakin' o which, lets get this show on da road." he added as he hefted the package with one arm and turned towards the portal. He didn't seem hindered by the obviously heavy container at all, as he strode along at a comfortable pace without a sign of difficulty.

"Shall we?" Barretta added, likewise turning to leave.


Nitro.EXE: 100 HP
Gunther.EXE: 150 HP
Barretta.EXE: 100 HP

Security Cube (package): 200 HP
Nitro watched as his new partners turned toward the portal. They seemed like the kind of people that Nitro would get along with. Before he followed them out, however, he decided to ask Chris about their destination. "You know anything about Netopia?" He asked.
"Not really," He replied. "But it shouldn't be too bad, seeing as we were the ones assigned to this mission. We should probably hurry up, the other two are almost at the portal."
"Huh? Oh! Yeah, OK," Nitro said distractedly. He looked over his shoulder and could see that Gunther and Barretta were almost at the portal. As he lightly jogged over, he looked at Gunther and secretly wished to himself that he was strong enough to lift something like that. Nitro ended up stepping into the portal ahead of his partners. As light from the protal shone around him, he turned arund and looked at his teammates. Nitro was glad that he was working with these guys, as this was a good opportunity to make some new friends on the Net.

To Netopia