Heya, I'm here to clarify how this is going to work for you, so bear with me...

Alright, anyone who had any of the following gets a refund for the full value:

Signature attack voucher Level 1: 3000 Zenny Each
Signature attack voucher level 2: 5000 Zenny Each

Process Upgrade level 1: 3000 Zenny Each
Process Upgrade level 2: 5000 Zenny Each
Process Upgrade level 3: 10000 Zenny

You will then be allowed to spend your new pile of cash on new PU's or whatever else you may desire. It's your money.

Process Upgrade: 100 Zenny + 100 Zenny per PU you own. (Limit one per level of your Navi.)

This is how you will convert to the new system. If you had nothing, you are refunded nothing. Your initial signature attack does not count as a Process Upgrade.

To get your refund and your new Process Upgrades

you MUST visit Suitachi's shop.

Enjoy the new simplified system.