It's a Date?

Junior appeared in the Square and nervously began looking around. When he saw that his date had not arrived yet, he sighed and nodded. Good. It would have been rude to make her wait. He moved off to the side, away from the main stream of traffic. As he stood, he looked over his outfit. While it was a nice set of clothes, was it a bit much? It made him look more human, but would that make him seem sort of pathetic or vain? He began fidgetting. He both looked forward to and dreaded the arrival of Daisy.
Daisy appeared in the net space of the square, and started looking around for any signs of Junior. She managed to spot him out of the main walking area. Daisy then started to walk towards him, and said a simple "Hi" to him when she was about a few feet away from him.
"Oh, hi. You look nice." Junior replied when he saw Daisy. He wasn't sure what else to say s he asked, "So, any idea where you wanted to eat?"
"Um... I don't know what I want. We could decide what to eat after decide where... All I really know about are some cafes in Netopia... and that is about it." Daisy said, responding to Junior's question.
"Well then, I guess we can go there." Junior said, turning to walk off. He then paused and reached down to grab Daisy's hand. He smiled at her, "Why don't you lead the way? I'll be right beside you."

((If you don't feel like busting, I say we stay in this topic and say we head over into Netopia's section of the square or something. If you do feel like busting, make another topic. I'll go with whatever you feel like doing.))

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"Alright." Daisy said cheerfully as she dragged Junior towards the Portal to Netopia, then trough it when they got to it.
((Off to Netopia))
The two navis reappeared in the net. Junior smiled at Daisy and patted her butt, "Well, better hurry back before your netop starts to worry. Contact me the next time you have some free time and we'll try to get together, okay? Love you." He blew her a kiss.
"Alright, I will. I'll look forward to seeing you again." Daisy said, blowing Junior a kiss as well. She looked at her hands, and down at her feet... it seems those boots and gloves were hers. In moments, her feet bleed, and formed boots around her feet. "With luck Virgil will have his E-mail back up by now, later." She said, waving at junior with a smile before she jacked back into her PET.
Calica jacked into the net square and looked around, It seemed like its been forever since she was able to jack into the net. "Ok Melay. lets go kill virii or something!" she grinned. "Already? why don't we try looking for some new friends first?" Melay smiled as she noticed Junior not too far away. "Why not him? He seems nice." Melay said as Calica looked at the other navi, "aww you always want to go make friends first. I think we would be a little more popular if we concentrated on getting stronger for a little while..."
Junior stared after Daisy, even after she jacked out. Then he noticed some girl looking at him. Was she checking him out? But he had just gotten a girlfriend! No, no, he was just jumping to conclusions. He couldn't allow himself to get a big head just because of a little luck. Still, even he had to acknowledge that this new navi's attire made quite a statement. Either way, girlfriend or not, ignoring her would be rude. He turned to the navi and said, "Is there something I can help you with? Need to know how to get to a certain area?"
Calica looked at the navi with a not very caring look "Yeah I guess... been a while since I've been on the net." She replayed to him in a tone that seemed to match they way she looked at the time. "Hehe, you'll have to excuse her tone. She's just a little grumpy." Melay told Junior with a small giggle. "And we would love some help, We haven't been able to log on in a while and im afraid were quite rusty."
"Well, if you don't mind Scilabs, I can help you out. Follow me." Junior said, heading off to the Scilabs portal.
Calica let out a small sigh as she followed Junior to Scilabs "Yeah ok..."
Daisy jacked into the net, and went into the the Electown portal.