Behold, players! We bring out ONE! LAST! SIG CHANGE! We swear to god, we'll never put you through this shit again. Please put down the torches and pitchforks.

We give you... freedom. Flexibility. A single pool of points that you can freely allocate to an unlimited amount of sigs based on your tastes-- either a small amount of dramatically overpowered sigs, or a flood of smaller ones. There is only one limiter placed on sigs, aside from the rules already in place: 6 sigs a turn maximum.

The Sig Pool is a genius idea that PaladinGC came up with, much like the rest of this system. You have one single pool of points that all your sigs draw on. This starts at 60, and you may buy one process upgrade every level (100z to start, +100z per upgrade you have) to add 40 points to this pool.

Let's say, for example, you have 200 points in your pool.

You could make a 200 point sig.

Two 100 point sigs.

Four 50 point sigs.

Or Ten 20 point sigs.

Or anything in between.

There are no set sig amounts or levels anymore. The pool is literally your ability to make sigs. It grows as you level up and buy expansions, continuing even past a pool of over 4000 at level 100, with a cap of 500 in a single sig.

Caps remain, but they grow automatically every 5 levels according to the following:
(Level = Active cap/Passive cap)
0-4 = 60 / 15 (Start)
5-9 = 100 / 20
10-14 = 140 / 25
15-20 = 180 / 30
20-24 = 220 / 35
25-29 = 260 / 40
30-34 = 300 / 45
35-39 = 340 / 50
40-44 = 380 / 55
45-49 = 420 / 60
50-54 = 460 / 65
55+ = 500 / 70 (MAXED)

Cooldown remains at 40 points towards your cap per turn of cooldown.

For a basic rundown of everything I just told you, see here: TOPIC

ALSO! For every level you have currently, you get one process upgrade (The new ones) free! The remaining cost of your old process upgrades that this does not make up for will be refunded to you. THIS STOPS APPLYING WHEN THERE IS NO MORE TO REFUND, OR IF THERE'S NOTHING TO REFUND IN THE FIRST PLACE. Those of you who are midbattle do not have to worry-- your sigs will work until you jack out as-is.