MeleeMan Searches for an Ally...

"Hmph!" MeleeMan grunted, strutting into the center of the netsquare. "This is a complete waste of time. I don't see anyone else here, operator."

"Operator? Did I forget to tell you my name?" Rania suddenly realized. "My name is Rania. Rania Firebrand."

"I'm MeleeMan," her navi responded, oblivious to the fact that she was already well aware of his name. "Now, you say we look for someone to team up with?"

"Right," Rania nodded. "It will be easier to get the hang of busting if we travel in a small group, I think." She watched hopefully, fully expecting him to once again explode in anger. Instead, he simply crossed his arms and sat down at one of the swinging stools, resting his head on one fist irritably.

"Bah. I can't be tied to one place for long. I'm a drifter," he commented, looking off into the distance. "If nobody shows up, I'm going to make a move. Quite frankly, I don't care about your opinion."

"M-MeleeMan! You've got to start being more agreeable if we're going to work together as operator and navi," Rania pleaded. MeleeMan simply shook his head and let out another sigh, releasing a bit of smoke from his gauntlets.

"I'll respect you..." he drawled, switching his sitting position, "once I think you've earned my respect. That's the way a true warrior works."

((Feel free to join.))
((I'd be glad to upon my re-registrations being passed.))
((I'm headed to the eventful netsquare for now. If you're still interested in teaming up, could you drop me a quick PM or catch me over AIM later? Thanks.))

"Oops! I can't believe I didn't notice this!" Rania gasped, looking through organizational menus on her PET. "There's a huge event going on in Internet City right now. There should be tons of navis to team up with there!"

"Urgh! I hate crowded places," her navi grumbled, growling stubbornly.

"There will be pie and punch too? Eh? Everybody loves pie and punch!" Rania laughed, noting the silly bribe with amusement.

"Pie? Pie is a poor meal for a warrior such as myself," he laughed. He did, however, feel a tight sensation in his stomache... "Hmm. Even if I don't need nourishment, it does sound appatizing. Alright, I'll go. Might as well, since apparently you don't care how long I go without a decent fight."

"MeleeMan! Your rudeness is going to lead to bad karma!" she warned him with a wag of her index finger as she transferred him to a new location.
"Jack in Cyber,"said Damien as Cyber jacked into net square.

"Wow this crowed has a bunch of navis here,"said Cyber cheefuly,"I wonder if viruses are here,"said Cyber,"I havn't fought and viruses yet."

"There can't be viruses here there are to many navis..."said Damien,"any virus that comes here is stupid."
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