Drakim and Dark.exe

Name: Drakim
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Drakim is about 6'1" tall, with a normal figure. He has plain brown dark hair, in about shoulder length. He looks a bit old for his years, and his eyes looks weary, almost to the point of tired. But, the rest of his body is always tense, as if ready to attack any person who might jump out. Drakim mostly wears plain clothes, fit for traveling on a moments notice.
Personality: Drakim can be friendly, and usually is in all cases. But you can't help but to feel that it is all just pretend, as if being social was a necessary evil. He talks with a slightly strange accent, and with a bit of a slow pace.

Name: Dark.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword

Dark is 6'6" tall, and wears a dark gray armor with black trimming. His body has the physique of being sleek, yet he holds an air of strength around him. Shadows always wraps and bends slightly when Dark is near them, as it seems his presence disturbs them.
Personality: Dark is a cold person. You can feel his unseen eyes judge you whenever he talks to you. He has little regard for either himself nor any ally.
Custom Weapon: A sharp thin sword in his right hand. It shimmers with a black aura when used.
Signature Attack:
Twilight Link - Dark can force the shadows to bend and twist beyond what reality would normally permit. Who can trust his own eyes when things are not what they appear to be?
Dark creates a link between himself and the target. For the rest of the turn, all damage or healing that Dark takes will affect the target instead, and vice versa. A maximum of 60 health on Dark or the target can be changed this way. Can only be used once every 3 turn.

Bonus for being an old member

Transfer Chips for a price not over 5000z
Sword 1800z
Heatshot 1400z
Cannon 1800z
Total: 5000z

Start with vouchers for the level 2 signature attack and level 1.5 signature attack process upgrades.
I had it before, so I have the requirements.

--------------------OOC part--------------------
Incase my signature attack seems hax (it was approved before ^^), I wanna point out some things that can be missed. Keywords are "rest of the turn", "damage and healing" and "vice versa". Unless 60 damage is done in one turn, the rest of the transfer damage will be lost. If both Dark and the target suffers 30 damage (or/and healing), the combined 60 will use up the attack and destroy the link.
The signature actually sounds underpowered. For being so perverse (therefore requiring creativity in order to be properly used), I'd raise the cap.

But don't take that from just me.
uhm, okay ^^

[looks at hax other level 1 signatures]

oh well, it sounded overpowered when complared to the good old simple signature attacks of the past >>

How much would you suggest? 80-90? or only 3 CD instead?

Either one works (80dmg or CD3)

The thing is, You'd either just stab yourself in the gut every time, or try to get creative and possibly phail. You clearly have something in mind, though, so I won't try to over-discuss.

As a side note, I want either you or at least someone to bring back that awesome power that we discussed on the short-lived BL. "Without Fate?"


you want back "Without Fate?"

We didn't just discuss it, I had it a while, and it worked cool ^^. But I'm not sure it would work here, due to that the system isn't as open (being digital removes a lot of details of the world), and that most mods here would see red ^^;;

I'll edit it to say 3 CD instead. But, against other navis you do need to be creative, but against dumb viruses you can just use it as a barrier that counters ^^
Sorry for the delay, but I want a second opinion for such an... unusual attack.
I think it sounds pretty good on one condition, you can't hurt yourself while it's active. If that were the case, it would basically be an auto-hit sig.

Also, on the sig, do any special effects you get get transferred?
We don't have any rules about hurting yourself, so I wasn't really counting on being able to do it. ^^

No, as stated "all damage", and nothing more. (healing being counted as negative damage)

Drakim JavaScript
Sounds good to me then.
Okay, I'll pass this.

GET: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
GET: Undershirt, Attack+1, Charge+1, Rapid+1

Approved. Post where required.