Da Hotel

The door into the hotel room opened. "Finally made it to the room!" Vik said, entering the room with a handful of luggage. She headed to the bed, and plopped the cases next to it. "...Now that you accually arrived, what are you planning on doing?" A voice coming from Vik's waist said, as she plopped herself on the bed. She grabbed her pet from the hoister on her waist, and looked at the screen.

"Well, why don't I just jack you into the network, and you can look around while I decide. That alright?" she asked her navi, who responded with an "Alright". She pointed the pet at the closet jack in port, and wirelessly jacked her navi into the network.
After her navi's battles on the net, and once Arc was safly in the PET, Vik got off the bed and changed into clothing much more suited for a nightclub. Once she was changed, she headed out.