Two datapackets, a damian, and a vegas place...

Getting off of the train, Damian exits the subway and is confronted by several dozen bright city lights. Looking up at the sky, the sun had just set, but the signs and lights were making it as bright as day. Several adults were walking towards a casino, with wallets that were going to be filled with cash by the end (or start?) of the day.

"So explain to me why we are here again?" Damian said as he headed towards a random building.

"The old mafia movies man," Imp said, "The casino's were always the way they made money for the mafia, so they net mafia is probably following similar logic."


Walking into the building, it was apparently an all you can eat buffet, which was lucky, especially since this site is rated PG-13.

Sitting at one of the booths in the back, Damian plugged in his PET with several large plates of food with him.
"Come back here you son of a--*" A large and knife wielding chief cried out moments before the freshly delivered cake hit him in the face. Dashing through the front doors and down into the subway nearby, Damian couldn't keep a huge dopey grin off his face.