Warm Welcome

-Finally it's time for the summer break. I will just go home and cool down with some cold and tasty lemonade.
-Eh.. Coolness is overrated.

They arrived to their home, but it wasn't just that. For them it was paradise. Their opened the door and stepped into the always cool hall, but now it wasn't cool at all. The first thing that they felt was a hot blow what almost melt down Tims face. When he looked around he saw a message on the table.

"The fan broke down, if you have enough time please try to repair it.
P.S.: The food is in the fridge. Mama"

-If I don't repair the fan quickly I will burn to ashes.
-Don t worry your not so hot.

-Oh shut up. Enchanter Jack In.
-Are you sure that we should do it? It sounds difficult and I think we need permission for it.
-Don't worry about that, I know that if we want we can do it. And also I heard a rumor in the BBS. There's a so called support program wich is like a small navi and it can run at the same time with a navi from a PET. If we want to be strong it looks almost irreplaceable. First let's just look around for more information about it.
-Hmmm... It looks like nothing wrong can come out of it, fine. And if it's the two of us, we will be definitely able to do it.
-Right. And if we're finnaly strong enough... Here we come... Purgatory!!

Becouse of the accident Tim found a new goal, but it can't be achieved in a single day...