Cross-over to Yumland

Desmond took in the foreign scenery and architecture. He rarely ventured outside of his hometown but had a real yearning to travel. This would be a good first step in becoming more worldly and gain a lot of valuable experience.

"Yo Tennisman, I remade some of your attacks while you were recharging on the plane." Desmond said.

Tennisman narrowed his eyes and replied, "I am not comforted by that fact."

"Yo, come on." Desmond said, "Trust me, it's good."

"I will." Tennisman said, "There is a jack-in point approximately 37 feet to your left."

Desmond looked around again and began walking in the hinted direction. The path ended near what seemed to be a fruit stand display. Investigation of a small holographic sign revealed a jack-in port, as Tennisman had indicated. Desmond readied his first Windracket chip and jacked Tennisman into Yumland net. Meanwhile, The fruits in the stand looked awfully tasty and Desmond realized he hadn't eaten anything for a while now.
Desmond was relieved to have Tennisman back in his PET in one piece. His health had refilled and he looked much healthier than he did a moment ago on the brink of death. However, he wasn't as relieved to find some foreign data had hitched a ride back with Tennisman.

"Man, it's like... Really IN there." Desmond said.

"What are you talking about?" Tennisman asked.

"That glowing ball," Desmond explained, "It's like... You know... Together... What's the word?"

"Integrated?" Tennisman suggested.

"YEAH!" Desmond said, "That's good! I mean no, no, that's bad. I don't know what this thing is. It could be like a bug or infection or something."

Tennisman's face soured a little at the thought.

"Or it might be a power-up." Desmond joked, "I dunno. I'll do some research and check it out. For now, I think we should go home."

"No." Tennisman said.

Desmond was a little shocked. They didn't really have any business here so nothing was keeping them here except...

Desmond smiled, "Oh, you miss your girl?"

Tennisman broke away his gaze for a moment and that was all Desmond needed to be sure. Tennisman rarely held any emotion for others so this was a strange change for him. Of course this was also a rare opportunity to make fun of him as well.

"Yeah?" Desmond continued, "Gonna see her again? You know I totally don't mind, right?"

Tennisman hesitated before replying, "I would like to check on the virus situation in Yumland Net before we leave."

"Maybe check up on the locals?" Desmond continued, "See anyone we know?"

Tennisman waited for his operator to stop.

Desmond couldn't help but make one last jab, "You know maybe if she's single..."

"Do you have more pressing matters to attend to?" Tenisman asked.

Desmond couldn't keep it in anymore and started laughing.

"Aha.. Ha... Alright, I'll jack you in again." Desmond said as his laughing died back down, "See if you can find anything about white blob data online. Hahaha..."

Tennisman frown flashed away with the rest of him while his data entered Yumland Net again.

He had been crouching next to the fruit stand for several hours as Tennisman had explored the net. Desmond was tired and the shops were closing, but what did it matter as long as his navi accomplished his goals. He thought about it and believed he had done some good today and that was important to him.

His navi was still recovering from the battle and Deuce was in an induced stasis. It was late and there was nothing left in Yumland for him. Desmond got up and walked back to the airport, looking forward to his bed and a long rest.

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