Where the beaches at?

Roger could feel the salty air as he exited the subway station and heard the gulls cawing in the distance. He had arrived just before dusk had set in and the business day was dying down.

"Yar, I can hear it now, lad. Th' sea..." DubloonMan mused.

Roger glanced out over to the beach and saw the sun setting over the ocean. If he hadn't gotten DubloonMan, he would be missing this right now. He'd probably be at home in his underwear, eating a cup of noodles and watching something lame on his small TV in his small apartment. Instead he was out and enjoying a marvel of nature he had taken for granted.

"WHAT ARE YE WAITIN FER!?" DubloonMan shouted, "It's high time fer explorin' t' be done! YARRR!"

Roger turned the PET camera towards the horizon, promptly silencing his navi. The pair shared a quiet moment together.

"V'fee..." DubloonMan mumbled.

Roger looked back at his PET to see DubloonMan's face mashed up against the screen in a sad attempt to somehow get closer to it. He realized this was several magnitudes more important to his navi than it was for himself and looked for a jack-in port somewhere. Sitting down on a bench overlooking the ocean, he found a port alongside a waterfountain. It was good enough and he jacked his navi in.

((Beach Net))
Roger hurried to the Metroline and hoped it hadn't closed on him. It was now well into the night and was pretty chilly. He hadn't expected to take on a mission, let alone stay out so late. He was happy though. His first official mission had been a success and it only cost him the feeling in his toes. He had made some interesting trades online and learned a lot about virus busting and his navi.

And this was only day one. The familiar clash of the rails alerted Roger of the incoming train and he was eager to go home and crawl into bed as soon as possible - after turning up the heater, of course.