As you have no doubt seen, there are many new user groups, several new trainees, and new moderators to each area. So, to alleviate all your lingering concerns about my awesomeness and the changes, here they are in outline form. Do note that these are the groups main focus, though a member of one group can do side work in any other.

    [li]Initiate - The Trainee mod group, renamed to be more interesting.
    [li]The Red Fist - a group of moderators charged with patrolling the site and making sure rules are upheld and spammers are kept at bay. Able to issue warns to people for infractions against said rules. Leader: Shuryou
    [li]Thinktank - In charge of game mechanics. Leader: Leon
    [li]Shakespearean - In charge of developing the RE:RN story. Leader: EN
    [li]Battle Programs - In charge of moderating battles. Leader: SMS
    [li]Official - In charge of leading a group and ensure the groups interact well.
  • Admin - Overseers, able to do anything the other groups can.

These changes were made to facilitate a steadier growth of the RE:RN internal workings, as well as help prepare us for a larger and more active member base in the future.