"Where is it where is it where is it..."

The sound of rapid mouse clicking and keyboard clacking was the only answer as the girl sat in front of her laptop at her desk, her hand moving constantly over it. "What the heck. I know I saved this...dang it," the girl said with a small sound of discontent. She slumped back in her check, before her eyes widened. "Verdant!" she called, heading back over to her purse, beginning to rifle through it.

Verdant.exe: What can I do for you?

The text-to-speech feature of the PET was something that had to be implemented, but the problem was that Verdant himself had no real speech function, which led to it coming across as something akin to robotic and strange. Even then, Verdant wouldn't use it unless it was just Iris around. Otherwise, he'd communicate with her simply via text.

"Hey can you look through my laptop and see if you can find that take home test? I saved it on my laptop but it's not where I put it and I am freaking out." The girl seemed to be quite near hysterics at the moment.

Verdant.exe: I see. Connect me and I will look.

Iris nodded emphatically a few times before connecting the PET to her laptop, seeing if he could figure out what happened to it.

Verdant.exe: It seems it was moved. Have you updated your firewall?

Iris paused. "I think so? Someone here gave me a provisional license for a firewall for the college."

Verdant.exe: It seems that was faulty software. Many of your files were taken to ACDC.

Iris sat up a little straighter. "Wait. What? What?. Are you freaking kidding me?"

Verdant.exe: I am not freaking kidding you. Shall I retrieve them?

"Uhhhh yeah! Verdant.exe, transmit! Let's get back my homework!"


Verdant.exe Jacking in to ACDC Net