The door slammed shut behind Thomas as the pinty youth entered his dorm room. "I'm hoooome." He called out to no one in particular, sighing and dropping his bags onto the floor. His PET buzzed in his pocket, and Regalia's voice shook his earphones.

"I should hope you're not too tired, lad." The elderly knight spoke. "It's hardly the middle of the day yet. There's much to be done before nightfall. You have homework due in three of your courses, your Programming teacher wishes to talk to you about your upcoming grade-critical project, and you have three messages from your mother."

"I know, I know." Thomas sighed. He pulled out his PET and tapped the [Jack In] button; wireless waves beamed from his PET, and processors and wires in Thomas's computer alighted with activity as they processed Regalia, sending him out to the Net over Thomas's connection. The navi found himself spat out in Yoka Net. "Go see if you can find someone in distress while I do some homework, I guess." Thomas sighed. It was a thin excuse, basically just a way to get Regalia off his back, but it would work for now.