New Navi

Name: Red Riding Hood.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Wind ((Due to need of reaching high places easily because of her old job.))
Description: A small brunnette haired girl with chocolate brown eyes who wears a red hood that covers most of her body. Underneath she wears a white short sleeve collared shirt and a blue, checkered skirt. She wears black socks that go up to her knees. At herfeet are brown leather shoes. She carries a picnic basket over her left shoulder.
Personality: Very cheery most of the time and likes to skip across the net. However, when she is in battle... Well actually she's just as optimistic. If she sees a Spikey in battle for instance, "Hello Mr. Spikey! How are you doing this fine day!? *pets Spikey*" See what I mean? Oh, and her friends call her Red.
Custom Weapon: Picnic Basket, It's a picnic basket filled with Cherry blossom petals. She throws the petals at her opponent to do damage. The charge attack is that she throws a lot of petals at her opponent or she manifests the cherry blossoms into some giant fist or something and sends it flying at the enemy.
Sig attack: Pastry Bomb ((Kudos to commondragon for the idea.)) Red digs through her picnic basket and pulls out seven giant pastries (pies, cakes, etc.) and throws them at her opponents. The pastries explode on contact. 7 attacks of 10 DMG. 4 turn cooldown.

Oh, does this mean I keep my chips but not my HP Memories?
Okay, I have good news and bad news.

Good news: Since you're keeping the same operator, you keep all your junk.
Bad news: 70 damage bumps it up into the 4 turn CD range.

If you fix up the sig, I'll approve ya.
Kay, all fine and dandy here then. Approved.
Oh yes, PET Modifications
Strawberry red colred Link PET with a creamy white border.
Has the ability to project a life-size hologram of Red Riding Hood.exe
Glad I didn't close this... approved as well. NOW to close.