Den Heights, Penthouse

"Hah..." sighed Mir, not out of frustration or uncertainty, but just for the sake of doing so. After a quick system restore, in conjunction with the installation of new upgrades, Mir's noise was finally clean and clear again. She never would've guessed that she was bugged with such an acute negative reaction to... what could she even call it? Tainted sulfur? Petrol sweat? Burnt testosterone? "Ick... Whatever it was, I never, ever want to smell it again. Hopefully that crazy virus will just stay in SciLab..."

"You're still stressed about that, Mir? I've never seen you bothered so much by a smell..." asked a concern Emily as she walked out of the bathroom, her body wrapped in a towel as she just finished her shower. Her long strands of blond hair, still wet from the shower, clung to her neck and back as she leaned over her PET on the dresser. "Do Navis... have allergies?"

"Not on accident, I think... I'm hoping it was just that he smelled really bad. It probably would've bothered you as much as it did me." guessed Mir as she looked up to her Operator, and the water droplets beading on the tips of her hair. "Emily, you're about to drip on the PET..."

"Oh!" gasped Emily as she stood upright again, flipping her hair back and casting off the droplets... somewhere. Whatever, she paid top dollar for this penthouse, so the cleaning staff would dry out anything needed once she left. "I thought I dried my hair better than that... Anyway, since we're obviously not leaving today, could you go ahead and book a flight for tomorrow Mir? It'd save us a lot of trouble at the airport tomorrow."

"Sure. I guess you want first class like usual?" questioned Mir as she stood up and began heading for the link to the Net at large.

"Yeah. There's just no room for me to write anything down in coach." confirmed Emily as she took a few of her bangs in hand to check how wet they still were. Dissatisfied with the result, Emily took the towel off her body and dried off her hair for a second time.

"..." Mir stopped for a second just short of the link, realizing what her Operator was doing. "Emily... is a second towel really that much of a burden?" she sighed, feeling that this girl did not understand how she was an attractive 23 year old.

"What? It's the top floor of a 25 floor building, and the only window in the bedroom's all the way on the other wall. No one's gonna look." rationalized Emily swiftly. Scientists and their logic...

Mir just shook her head and left for the Net.

(Jack In, Dentech Net)
"PET, passport... That's all, maybe?" queried Emily aloud as she dug around the apartment for anything important. Given that she separate, full supplies of amenities both in this penthouse and her main home in Netopia, this blonde astrophysicist often packed light ahead of flights. Carry-on luggage was all she knew.

"The flight ticket's reservation is stored in the PET, so... Um... Oh, didn't you take your keys this time?" suggested Mir after some thought.

"Ah, I did! Good thinking, Mir! That's right, I didn't want anyone borrowing my car without permission again..." exclaimed Emily as she hurried over to her bedside drawer to dig her key ring out of it. "Got them! Okay, that should be it." After stuffing that and some research notes into her purse, Emily seemed ready to go.

"Great. Check-in's in just about an hour, so it'd be best to go ahead and leave now." explained Mir, laying out the itinerary for her Operator.

"Alright." nodded Emily as she left, locked the door behind her, and... "Oh! I forgot I wanted to go shopping one more time!"

"Now?! Come on Emily, there's no time for that!" shouted Mir, baffled by the sudden announcement.

"The Navi shop has a good price on an upgrade I wanted, and it's in between on the MetroLine! It'll just take a minute, I swear!" countered Emily as she was already at the elevator and would not be redirected.

(Moving to Navi Shop)