A muffled "Excuse me!" could be heard through from somewhere down the hallway through the closed dorm room door. The sound of someone running up the hall preceded the beeeep, click of the room's card key lock, followed by the door swinging wide and crashing noisily into the dresser. A male Netfrican college student by the name of Johnathan Murnane burst into the room at a sprint, and made a beeline straight for the computer terminal by the room's only window. He was seated in the chair, and impatiently booting up the system before the door he'd entered through managed to close itself in his wake.

"Come on. Come on." Johnathan said impatiently in the couple of seconds it took the computer to fully boot and connect to the network. His enthused impatience was fueled by the knowledge that today was the day the government labs were releasing their weekly project report documents, and he wanted to be the first student on campus to see them. His boring literature class could wait. This was far more interesting.

As soon as the system was up, Johnathan jacked the PET in, and sent his Navi into the NET.

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