You heard me. Mystery Data, from this point onward, can be randomly found strewn throughout the 'Net. In addition, we'll soon (As in, when I get off my ass and edit them into the shops in a day or so) introduce two new subchips from the game-- Untrap and Unlocker-- for use in conjunction with this system.

The premise is thus; Mystery Data randomly appears in a battle, in three different varieties. Green, the most common, Blue, a rank up from Green, and Purple, the best of the known Mystery Data. PMDs (Purple Mystery Datas) require an Unlocker subchip to open, however.

Once a Mystery Data appears in a battle, it is up to the player to try to protect it from attacks by the viruses-- Mystery Datas have an HP total, and if it drops to 0... well, you don't get the prize inside.

What's that? 'What Prize', you ask? Ah, right, I forgot to mention it... every Mystery data contains some sort of prize. Be it a chip, Zenny, or something else, you obtain it when you open the Mystery Data at the end of the battle.

What's inside, you ask? It's a Mystery! Hence the name, 'Mystery Data'.

Good luck, and happy hunting.