Lyn Goes to School

Lyn stood uncomfortably on the corner outside of Dentech University, happy that in this age even lamp poles had some sort of connection to the Net within. She was too proud to admit she felt like she didn't fit in among the many students walking about, but she certainly would have said she was uncomfortable. Ignoring any "smoke-free campus" laws the university might have, she had jacked into a pole and was now puffing away on her pipe as she waited in anticipation of what her Navi might be up against.

Lyn had accepted the work without much of a thought. The operator had some misgivings about the Net police force, but she felt like she could bear it if she just thought of it as working for the money. "An honest job and an honest pay" were words to live by for Lyn, although her interpretation of them was entirely her own.

It was easier to face those than all of the college students milling around, a constant reminder to Lyn of the education she had renounced. Focusing on what was going on within the PET was a good way to ignore those students, but a pain for them as they had to navigate around the bizarre woman in the ship-captain's cap standing on the street corner.
Lyn jacked Ship out of the Net, picking back up the articles she'd removed from the newsstand after returning the PET's cord to its slot. She let out a sigh as the heat of the coat enveloped her. It wasn't comfortable, but walking down the street with a huge coat slung over her arm definitely wasn't her thing. She shoved her hands in her pockets, turning the corner...

... and quite nearly bumping into a pair of students rounding the corner. The two students backed up from the collision and the male of the pair began to say a few words of apology. Lyn, however, resumed her stride immediately, unwilling to even acknowledge the two. Her experiences that day hadn't done anything to improve her opinion of university students... giving her another negative stereotype to apply was an unfortunate consequence of the outing.

Leaving the students scratching their heads and turning the corner as quickly as possible, Lyn headed to the bus stop to catch her ride out of Dentech.