Jocelyn's Apartment

Jocelyn completed what could be called an uneventful day of work, considering her ordinary circumstances, with few orders from Rodney and those that she did receive vastly trumped by the strangeness of her task earlier that day.

A long way away from the luxury of her father's mansion and the giant room she'd shared with her sister Scarlett in the olden days, Jocelyn returned to the warm... 'coziness,' to put it pleasantly, of her apartment. Despite her plea for privacy, the walls of the apartment complex were virtually plastered with hidden bodyguards under her father's employee, charged with the task of defending Jocelyn. Jocelyn would give them a pleasant wave that would unfortunately unveil their locations, but fortunately for them and for herself, she was utterly incapable of seeing them, even more so than those unsavory characters who they'd been hired to protect her from.

Stepping through the small combined dining room / kitchen at the front of her apartment, Jocelyn sighed heavily and stretched her arms, giving a cutesy yawn and providing a show for the few guards watching her now, who generally appeared immune to the sort of thing. She set aside her cop hat and then took Sleuth into the back room. "Lights out, Miss Sleuth! You know the rules," she giggled, turning off the visual feed on her net navigator's PET. Ordinarily, Sleuth might crack a joke in response, but she was currently absorbed with reading into her case files. She generally had no reason to think that anything Jocelyn had to offer was going to trump what she might learn from reviewing old cases in quiet solitude.

The one saving grace to Jocelyn's privacy, a piece she'd insisted upon, was the seclusion of her apartment's bedroom. The windows were fully shuttered, the door locked, the walls insulated to sound... it was a deceptively impervious, albeit tiny, bedroom. Some might question the wisdom of entrusting Jocelyn with any such space free of supervision, but so far, she hadn't abused it. "Miss Sleuth, I hope you don't mind my saying that it's been a real treat, a delight, to watch you work your magic in practical settings as of late," the operator giggled. Sleuth might have appreciated the comment under ordinary circumstances, but right now, she was tangled in thoughts of her own. Jocelyn smiled privately, realizing that her navi wouldn't hear anything she had to said, and simply continued with her bedroom preparation in silence.

First off, she'd remove her gloves and shiny shoes, then her socks, a sight that had been enjoyed by Rodney before and would probably be enjoyed by him again in the future. Next came her uniform, which she hung very neatly by her bed. She took a moment to inspect her smiling face in her small, bedside mirror. The decor of the apartment was nothing worth noting... pastel blues and whites, making it look inviting, but not intellectually stimulating. The same was true even of this back room. Her eyes moved from her static smile to her lingerie and her eyebrows showed a hint of regret. "What am I doing like this...? Wearing this?" she thought to herself, understanding once again that she was wearing racy underwear that a total stranger had brought to her at her own request, to replace the already racy underwear she'd been wearing, further allowing him to smell it and then walk off with it. She shook the thought away again, smiling into the mirror and playing with a strand of her blond hair.

Next came her contacts, which were important to do while she was here at her mirror. Widening up one eye after the other, Jocelyn used her gentle, but adept, fingers to remove first one lens, then the next, placing both into the small, metal container atop the vanity. The blue eye coverings stared back up into her green eyes as she moved her fingers back to her long bangs, those befitting a girl younger than herself. That hair always reminded her of why she was really keeping up the whole charade. "I'm on my way, though," she reminded herself. "Sleuth's mind is growing stronger, I can feel it. Silly though they may have been, those cases... the mansion and that of Damson... those were real experience. Those were the sort of iron that I can forge a blade against. The next case could be the one to turn her into the detective that I need to be." With that thought on her mind, as it often was, Jocelyn reached her fingers into her hair and unfastened the well-hidden clips holding her wig onto her head, before removing it and placing it inside the vanity's top drawer, revealing her red hair, which was cut short beyond the point that it could be called 'charmingly boyish.' With that action, she became her sister, Scarlett.

Finally, she slipped into her pale blue pajamas... truth be told, she was not much of a fan of the color blue, but needs being what they were, she'd nearly hypnotized herself into becoming a fan of it by this point. "What a day," she sighed again, before settling herself into the sheets and grabbing a book... it was vampire fiction tonight, although she suspected she'd blow through the book fairly quickly: Trial 5: The Daybreaker Versus the Baobhan Sith. The writer was Vukanovic... it wasn't her finest work, but then, they'd been going down-hill for a while now.

"You can say that again," Sleuth sighed. "Miss Jocelyn, listen to me on this: we all have a big break coming to us. That I truly believe. I've accomplished much as a detective, but there is one thing I wonder if I'll ever do... the mission I was truly assigned to do. To make you a woman who can be self-sufficient. To guard you properly, that is, until you truly mature," Sleuth offered.

"Don't say that, Miss Sleuth... You've done wonderfully, so far, and I'm sure the future will bring more and greater successes. Now, I'm in the mood to read until I fall asleep with my thoughts. Aren't you?" Scarlett asked, before quieting down and reading in silence, long into the night.
Jocelyn's romp around the Shamus Austin with Jacky, Hyde, Rude, and the gang had not been without its consequences. Jocelyn's boss had been none too pleased when he'd received the reports, despite his seemingly amiable attitude towards loaning his star employee to Rude for a bit, and as such, Jocelyn had been the recipient of a bit more mean-spirited work hazing than usual. Although the operator was as sunny and go-get-em as usual, the work had taken a toll on the navi; one good part about Jocelyn's life being relatively vacant had been that she had as much time as she needed to devote to Sleuth's little adventures. When she was working overtime and night shifts, there wasn't so much time for that. "Miss Jocelyn... Ahem..." Sleuth coughed, speaking into her fist.

"Myeees, Miss Sleuth?" Jocelyn asked in chipper response, busily buttoning up the top few buttons of her mall cop shirt, before securing her tie.

"Would today, perhaps, be a good day to call off work?" she asked, playing with her cape childishly while fluttering doe eyes at her operator.

Jocelyn reacted in shock, momentarily losing the knot of her tie. "Miss Sleuth! No such thing," she replied, as aghast as she could be without being rude. "In fact, Rodney has something very important planned for me today! He said he wants the two of us to take a little outing together. Today's a special mystery job! It's sure to be a real hum-dinger of a day," she beamed, finishing up the loop and pulling it through while blond, fake curls bounced with generous, fake enthusiasm; the curls and the enthusiasm were both thoroughly convincing, even to Sleuth's well-trained eyes. "Rodney's awfully creative when he gets a mind to be."

"Oh, of that, I have no doubt. But where do I fit into this little plan?" Sleuth asked, sulking and fluttering her eyelashes. "A Sleuth with no mysteries is like a Jocelyn with no Segway!"

"Oh dear! I had no idea it was that bad," Jocelyn gasped, her second big, dramatic draw of air of the past minute. "Well, don't you worry, Sleuth. You're not the only hard worker when it comes to their work and their dearest chums! I'm going to make sure you get a nice mystery!" the operator resolved, waving one gloved fist in a short, joyful, painfully skippy manner. "The sky's the limit! I'll bet this will be even better than your high-tech diddler mission!"

"The sky indeed!" Sleuth added, returning a wry smile as she fit her digital deerskin cap to her head. "A-hunting we shall go~" she sang, as the two of them left out. "OH WAIT! But first, to the shop. As I recall, you still have my generous reward from my last case set aside, don't you? It would behoove us to spend it first."

"Correct you are," Jocelyn tweeted. "Luckily, I always come into work two hours early! That gives us a little time to play around, if we want to go to Scilabs and shop first."

((Heading to Scilabs))