Crimson Blossom Ryokan

"Thank you. Please come again."

A wind chime clangs noisily as a small gust of wind passed through the inn's main entrance. Two customers had walked out after a night's stay at the Inn, both visibly relaxed and satisfied at the service provided to them. The Crimson Blossom Inn was no different most of the other smaller inns in Yoka in outer appearances, maintaining a sort of rustic, antiquated charm, but that didn't meant that the place wasn't kept modernized to suit public customers.

Inside, the guest lounge had a plasma TV hooked to the network, mounted on the side of the wall, with the lounge sofas and chairs arranged in a way to allow their guests to watch the news without any discomfort. The inn's registers were relatively modern as well, though a guestbook was kept to let guests personally sign their comments or testimonials for the inn itself. While the building wasn't air conditioned, it was designed in such a way that the entire lobby's airflow was well circulated. Many of the guests have commented that the inn has never, at any time, felt stuffy or uncomfortable.

A pond just outside of the guest lounge was decorated with an assortment of flowers and water plants. Koi fish swam freely in the pond, leaving a mesmerizing mix of gold, red and white. But perhaps the most unique decor of all was the Blossom tree that stood next to it. It wasn't the season for the tree to bloom now, but pictures mounted on a bulletin board next to the reception showed guests posing with the tree, especially couples, during the blooming season, each picture showing petals of crimson red hanging in the air.

For now though, business was slow, but good enough that the inn could still operate regularly without having to cut costs. The staff in the inn took opportunity of these slow days to rest as well, saving their energy for the times when lots of guests checked in, especially during the holiday seasons.

Kiri Kisaragi was one such employee. A waitress serving for almost 4 and half years, she was more or less well acquainted with her role and served as a senior employee guiding the younger girls in their duties. But for now, she was off duty, and she calmly enjoyed a sip of green tea on one of the tables near to the pond, allowing herself to enjoy the serene atmosphere.

That is, until her navi spoke.

"Bored. Bored bored bored bored bored bored BORED."

Despite the bluntness of her Navi, Kiri knew it was just her personality to do so. "You should really take the time to just stay put and relax, you know."

"I -am- relaxed. I'm just annoyed that I can't find anywhere to release all that energy from relaxing in this terminal!" Honoo whined. Kiri conceded that point to her. The Navi always was an uncontrollable vessel of energy. Kiri glance to the inn's clock, and noticed that there was essentially another hour or so until her duty was finished. It looks like she won't be getting the opportunity to rest this time though.

"Well then, maybe I should bring you to do some training in the net? After all, keeping oneself sharp and active is critical to health." Kiri asked Honoo. The navi only gave a wolfish grin as she was finally getting to see some action. "Just link me up. I'm all fired up!"

[[Honoo.exe, Jacking in]]
It's been relatively quiet as of late, as less and less customers have visited Yoka. Kiri sighed, there was certainly not much that she could do about the way things were at the moment. With the economy in a slump as of late, people just didn't have the money, time, nor even inclination to spend it on luxury trips. There was the occasional Netopian tourist, she supposed, but even then competition between the other inns and hers were somewhat fierce.

Kiri had just finished double... no, triple-checking the accounts of the inn, and it wasn't optimistic. While the Inn would still be fine for the next two years, it was incredibly uncertain after that. She needed to do something to boost the Crimson Blossom's image to the public, or at least raise enough awareness to the rest of world about its' existence."C'mon, moping really doesn't suit you, Kiri." A voice suddenly spoke out. Kiri looked at the device that rested on a docking station on the table. A V3-era P.E.T. device. Inside it was the image of a woman, the NetNavi, with red hair that seemed to pulsate with a soft orange glow. Her arms crossed and an expression of concern hung over her face. Kiri smiled back at the navi.

"You're right. Still, I don't like the accounts for the next few months. We need to do something or the ryokan just might go under, Honoo., Kiri said as she pinched the ridge of her nose between her eyes. "There must be a way to bring in more customers to the inn, but there's hardly anything going on in Yoka and even if there is, they would rather go for a cheaper apartment rental than the Ryokan. What to do..."

"Maybe some advertising in the net perhaps? Posters that NetNavis will pass by and notice?" Honoo said. Kiri simply stared at her through the P.E.T. The idea was absolutely silly, the BBS exists for advertising, after all. Yet, she couldn't deny that it might actually work. "You might have something there. The net does have netcafes scattered about, don't they? Why don't you go to some of those places and put up some adverts? I'll cover the costs under our inn budget." Kiri said. The navi gave a wide grin. "Y'mean we can go run around in the net? Yeah, I'm absolutely down for that!" Honoo exclaimed, excitement running through her again. "So, where're we headed?"

"Maybe a trip through most of the locations in the net. But we won't have to do all of it in one day. We'll take this day by day and see the results first before continuing with it." Kiri said. Honoo bristled at the comment, as if Kiri was saying that she couldn't handle herself, but she was also right. No point risking your neck pointlessly, after all.

Honoo almost collapsed as she reached the portal that brought her to the Netsquare. "Uuuugh that took awhile." She groaned as trudged her way in. With a tap on a nearby pedestal, the PET blinked with a new notification.


"That should cut us some time if we ever need to be at the Netsquare immediately." Kiri remarked as she checked the PET's status.

"Didn't we get some zeny from the viruses we beat up? Do you think we can get some upgrades so I won't hurt as much in the future?" Honoo said as she found a place to sit down to catch her breath in the Netsquare area.

That was a good idea, why hadn't she done that yet? "You're right, if we want to go into more difficult areas, we need to get you some proper upgrades. Can you entertain yourself while in the netsquare? I'll make a quick trip to the store first." Kiri said, before letting one of the staff of the inn know that she was leaving the inn for a moment.

[[Leaving Inn]]