The other private Hot Springs

"Damn it, I wish I remembered about the mission sooner. I wouldn't have had to run to make all the stops and could just take my time." Viktoria said, looking a bit tired as she walked into one of the private hot springs at the Yoka Inn. She had her body covered in a long white towel, holding it with her hand to help keep it on, and her PET and chips in her other. "Your flight back to Sharo isn't till tomorrow, and there was still plenty of time to check into the inn, so I don't see why you had to run." A voice came fro the PET, while Viktoriya headed to the edge of the spring. She crouched down, and placed the PET and chips next to her before taking her towel off and placing it down on the other side. Vik sat down on the ledge, her legs in the hot water. Slowly, Vik pushed herself up off the ledge, and slid down into the water, keeping her arms on dry land.

"Ahhh~ This feels sooo much better~" Vik said, leaning back against the side of the springs. "...And I ran because I thought the inn stopped doing check ins earlier then that."

"By the way, you said something about accepting a mission on the way from the room to here, and I haven't had a chance of looking at the mission thread. May I have a mission briefing on what I am to do?" Arc asked her netop, causing her to look towards the PET

"Aw yes, mission briefing" Vik said, picking up the PET and looking at Arc. "First, our object is to find a lost pet, who was last spotted in the Dentech network. Arc, when I jack you in you are to head towards the coordinates given, meet up with D, and get more information on the target. Even though she is most likely a civilian, you are to treat her as a commanding officer. I am allowing some informality, expect you must follow her orders. Understood?" She told her navi, a smile showing up on her face.

"Understood." Arc responded, standing at attention and saluting.

"Very well, Mission briefing is now over." Vik said, shifting her body so she was facing the wall behind and pointed her PET at the wireless jackin port on the wall behind her. "Mission start!" Vik said, sending her navi into the network, where Arc would quickly make her way to the given coordinates in Dentech.
"Yes! We got the SP core Arc!" Vik screamed in excitement, bolting straight up with her hands in the air. "We got it! Oh boy I can't wait till we get back to Sharo. I should be able to figure out what to make the SP be on the flight back." Vik said, placing the PET on the ground before getting out of the springs. She Dried herself off with the towel sitting next to her, and them put it on to cover herself. "But for now, I think it's time to head back to the room." Vik picked up her PET and the chips on the ground, and proceeded to leave the hot spring area.