Amazingly, Mill had gotten a call from the same inn he had replaced a water filter for several months ago. The same in way away from the MetroLine... way up the steep hill... "Ha... ha..." panted Mill as he finally reached the front of the inn, lugging around a box full of electrical parts. "There has to be an easier way to do this..."

"Pull it together, Mill!" shouted Anyis from inside Mill's jacket pocket. "You're going in there as the repairman, not the panting pet dog!"

"I know that..." sighed Mill as he adjusted his grip on the box. "I've been here before, you know, back when Magna was still my Navi."

"Water... was not something I could address at that time." added Magna. Anyis raised an eyebrow towards her SP, because if he was even capable of shivering due to a bad memory, she think he might have just done that.

Deciding he couldn't just stand outside the entrance all day, Mill nudged the sliding door open with his foot, and stepped into the lobby. The receptionist was present behind the counter as she should be, but also there was the old lady that managed the inn. "Ah, you're here for the repairs, yes?" asked the manager, to which Mill nodded in confirmation. "It's so strange... A virus infestation burned out the controls for one of the water filters, but neither mine nor any of the employees' Navis could find a single thing in the network!"

"Hmm... Rogue, maybe?" muttered Mill to himself. "Well, either way. Don't worry about it, ma'am, my Navi is pretty strong. We'll weed out whatever is messing up your filters."

"Very good! It's the women's bath that's had issues so far, so I'll make sure that's closed off for you to get to work." nodded the manager, who proceeded to lead Mill back towards the inn's hot springs.

(Jack In, Yoka Rogue Net)