Much needed R&R (Aelieth and Holo)

Booking a room in one of Yoka's many fine inns was probably the best ideas Aelieth has had in a long while. At least, that was what was going through his mind as he lay there with a tower over his eyes and a steaming mineral spring encasing his body from the neck down. Project after project, with deadlines often overlapping with one another, had caused the student many sleepless nights and frayed his nerves almost to their breaking point.

But now it's over... he thought as he sank further into the rejuvenating waters. Nothing to do now but relax...

Much of the past few days have been spent in a similar fashion, with Aelieth taking advantage the downtime and excellent amenities the inn had to offer. Holoß, however, was not as happy as his operator was. Sure, he didn't have to deal with Aelieth frantically sending him from task to task as he helped finish the coding projects, but now he had nothing to do but sit in his PeT while Aelieth pampered himself. He wasn't resentful, but man, was he bored.

On his last evening at the inn, Aelieth stayed in the room making sure he was ready to check out tomorrow. After double checking his belongings were all accounted for, he grabbed the remote control, flopped back onto the bed (he had opted for a non-traditional room), and pressed the power button. Nothing happened.

"Oh, come on," he grumbled, pressing the button again. The tiny LED signaling a button had been pressed repeatedly flashed, but the TV screen remained stoically empty. Holo perked up, making the PeT chirp to get Aelieth's attention. When his operator looked at the screen, Holo was playacting a Metool hacking away at an invisible network, then transformed into a question mark.

"It's possible..." Aelieth responded, gathering the meaning of the message behind the mime, "It definitely wouldn't hurt to check if there's something going on in there." After opening his recently packed bag and retrieving his chip case, Aelieth went up to the TV and found an analog jack-in port on the side. Retracting the cord from his PeT (and thankful his model was old enough to still have an analog connection), he connected the two devices and pressed the transmit button, sending Holoß whizzing into the TV's network in a flash of light.
Aelieth quickly grabbed his luggage, his PeT and his chips and bolted out of the room, racing to get to the front desk before they charged him for another night's stay (something that he definitely couldn't cover with his meager funds). In his haste, he forgot to turn off the TV he had just spent the morning repairing, but wasting some electricity clearly held the prestigious title of "Least of My Concerns." Luckily, he made it in time.

Ready to go back home, he caught the nearest mode of public transportation that would get him to his destination.

((Time passes, during which Aelieth goes home, drops his stuff off, frantically tries to get some school project or another out of the way, then goes to Sci Labs))