"Thank you, Ma'am." Warren told the attendant after she finished describing his room to him. He then nodded, and added "That will be all."

The female attendant's voice had a hint of concern to it as she said "Are you sure, sir?" After a brief pause, the young woman began to speak again... "I can--"

"No." Warren cut her off quickly. He smiled, and reached up to grasp the rim of his broad brimmed hat with his right hand. Tipping it upwards very slightly, he continued speaking in an even, courteous tone: "No, that's alright. I am perfectly capable of finding my own way around... I do thank you for your offer, miss." He returned his hat back to its starting position before hanging the hook of his cane on his left arm, and opening the door with the other. He fliped his left wrist over to show the simple call device he'd been handed. "I'll buzz you if I need anything else."

"Okay." Warren heard the fabric of the woman's kimono rustle as she presumably bowed and added "Good evening, then, Mr. Murnane."

"Thank you." Warren heard the young woman walk back up the hallway as he stepped into his room, and dragged his luggage in after him before closing the door behind him. Only after the door was closed did he begin making signs with his gloved left hand: {Psi, navigate.}

Warren's glove tapped dot patterns on his fingertips as his Navi, Psi, responded to his command in braille: {What first, luggage?}

Warren signed a quick {yes} in response. More braille played out across his fingers as Psi began to literally help him navigate through the unlit room.


A few quiet minutes later, and Warren was seated comfortably on one of the two chairs flanking the small table by the window. The lights in the room were off, as was the lamp he'd discovered sitting upon the table in front of him. He didn't need them to see, and, as it was after 10 PM, it was probably late enough that no-one was likely visit him. And that was just fine with him. Still, before Warren turned in for the night, he needed to check the latest news feeds from his sources on the Sci-Lab network.

Warren reached up, and placed his right hand on the table. He then walked his fingers across the table's surface until his found his interface glove. He picked the glove up, and worked the cuff around through his fingers until he found the familiar braille mark he'd printed on the band that told him where to hold the glove when he wanted to put it on. He slipped his left hand into the glove, and then closed the cuff's fastenings to secure the interface glove and wrist-watch style PET comfortably in place.

Warren began to sign. {Psi; I'd like to check the Sci-Lab news pages.}

{Good. I was dreadfully bored.} Psi responded in braille through the glove before connecting to the nearest wi-fi access point and jacking himself into the Net.

((To Sci-Labs, via the nexus at Internet City))