All Work and No Play

After a grueling trek to the MetroLine, from the MetroLine, and up this blasted hill that the inn just HAD to be on, Mill managed to haul the package all the way to it's destination. With his foot, Mill managed to slide the old-style door open and step inside. He easily found the reception desk and the old lady behind it, which he dragged himself over too before plopping the box on the counter. "I've... got a... delivery... for the Yoka Inn..." gasped Mill, totally out of breath from the journey.

"Oh, that must be the new water filter we ordered for our bath! One of them has been on the fritz lately, I'm afraid, so we had to get it replaced. Mr. Bilst offered us such a great deal on it, and even free installation!" explained the innkeeper.

Mill's eye twitched at the mention of "free installation", but he did his best to hide his irritation. No wonder Bilst sent him instead. Damnit... Where did he even get these parts, anyway? Mill couldn't help but think that he had gotten himself involved in something illegal, but managed to disregard that thought for now. "So... Where does this go?" asked Mill.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" shouted the old lady, realizing she was going off on a tangent. "Just down at the end of the hall, the second bath. It's closed right now, so no one should be in it. Here's the key, and thank you, young man!"

Mill nodded reluctantly as took the key and dragged the box once again to the next destination.

Once he unlocked the door, Mill walked in to find a rather nice looking room. Granted, the bath itself was drained for obvious reasons, but the design itself was still nice. He looked around for a moment, then noticed a metal panel on the wall, which probably housed the terminal for the water filter. Mill gave the box one final shove, making it slide over to the terminal. He pulled the tape off the top and opened it, revealing a new terminal, a screwdriver, some wire cutters, and a few other little things. "No new filter? I guess this is just a software problem, then... Hey Magna, go ahead and jack in to the old terminal to set up the switch. I can't take it out with programs still running on it."

Magna nodded and left his PET for the old terminal.

(Jack in to Yoka Net)
"... That should... do it." grunted Mill as he twisted one last screw into place, fastening the new water filter panel to the wall. He looked at the old water filter in his hand, the one that had given him so much grief, and wondered what to do with it. In the end, he couldn't really decide on one method of revenge, so he just stuffed it in the box and decided to take it back with him. His boss probably wouldn't mind chopping it for parts and selling them... which was probably just as good of a punishment as anything he could come up with.

Mill stood up, walked out of the hot spring and up to the counter, and reported his job done. The managed thanked him and handed him the fee for the work, and Mill bowed before taking his leave. "Well..." started Mill before trailing off in thought. "I've got some spare money right now, so I guess we could stop by the Navi Shop. You haven't seen any upgrades in a while, Magna."

"... Are you planning to use the money the inn manager gave you?" asked Magna cautiously.

"What? I don't want to get fired." retorted Mill in an insulted tone. "I got enough money from all those viruses we fought earlier. Trust me, I'm not stealing anything."

"Understood." responded Magna simply.

Mill sighed, wondering why he even bothers to explain things to his Navi. "Whatever. Let's just go."

(Moving to Navi Shop)