Steamed Clam!

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Walden felt like he'd been walking for hours, though it was only minutes since he'd stepped off of the Metroline. He'd planned to head all the way to the Onsen and enjoy a refreshing dip, but decided that he'd just stop into the library and be thankful even for shade. Panting, he arrived inside, happy to feel air conditioning greeting his skin. He'd relax a while here, then get to the Onsen himself. Meanwhile, though, he'd let ShellMan enjoy himself. He drew his PET from his belt, drawing aside his gigantic coat to reach it. He did not, however, actually remove the coat. Once he'd gotten it out, he whipped the PET up to eye level and greeted the cheerful face of his Navi. "Yo, ShellMan! Hope you got some rest on the way over here," Walden said with a smile, putting his hand to his head to wipe the sweat that had formed on his forehead.

"I did indeed," Shellman replied quietly, nodding and smiling. His demeanor drooped a bit, however, as he inquired, "Are we to begin battling today?" Nonetheless, he tried to keep a chipper face.

"Nah," his operator replied, catching the Navi's lack of enthusiasm. "We're having one more day of relaxation, remember? I've taken us to the Yoka springs!" Walden said, hiding the depressing truth that he'd only been able to make it as far as the library. "I'll jack you in in a second, I'm looking around for a port." With that Walden set to rummaging through the library, finally finding a spot to plug in under a table with a lamp. He used his cord to send ShellMan into the Net.

Walden's head hung low a second as he addressed his Navi in a more serious tone. "... When the time comes, though... you'll fight for me... right?" Walden cast his head up, looking at his Navi with imploring eyes.

"..." ShellMan didn't speak, keeping his top shell cast over his eyes. Tilting his head back to show his face, he replied to his operator, "... Of course."
Walden coughed a bit, once again becoming cautious of his condition as he took shuffling steps out of the library. He hadn't had the heart to tell ShellMan that the downbeat call he'd recieved from the doctor had been about his health... according to the man, he had to return immediately to discuss matters of "critical importance..."

Walden let out a sigh. He knew it was never good news...

All the same, he gazed into the sun of Yoka before entering the Metroline station. He clenched his fist, thinking of the adventure he'd had today... he wouldn't let that dream pass him by, no matter what it took. "Rest assured, ShellMan," he said in his mind, turning and walking in, "we're not done yet."

Walden let out a sudden sneeze. He bowed his head slightly, entering the train; the sickness would not let itself be ignored. His trip home would be a melancholy one...