These rooms vary in their utility, but are generally for parties which wish to remain anonymous during the battles. Back entrances are available to enter, so battlers can even avoid revealing their faces inside the Dome. Seating is provided in these rooms, as well as two consoles that can link to any other consoles in the Dome for battling anonymously.

For more general use, when not reserved by VIPs, these rooms serve as a smaller and quieter alternative for viewing the various events held in the Colosseum, as opposed to the Spectator's Lounges. These areas feature booths, meeting room style tables, and sound dampening carpeting for a more quiet and perhaps executive atmosphere.

There are also jack-in ports built into each and every one of the chairs that allow access to E-mail, the Colosseum Network, and provide links to the various BBS'es in Internet City and other locales deemed safe. A Navi cannot access the outside network world from here, as the unusually good network security of the Colosseum won't allow for it.