Somewhere in the spectator's lounge....

The fighters were ready, the audience was stoked, the time was right... but the paperwork wasn't done. Despite the heavy atmosphere around this inexplicable matchup, a lone tournament official, clad in black suit and sunglasses, shuffled his way over to the Operator of "Void", trying to attract as little attention as possible. In a low whisper, he spoke into her ear:

"You're the Operator for Mirage.exe, correct? Our records indicate that you were registered in this match's first backup slot, and since the previous contender dropped out, you were called up. It's good that you showed up so quickly on such short notice, but I'm afraid you forgot to sign the necessary paperwork before entering. Please, I have a copy right here, so if you would so this match may begin..." As he said that, he nudged a clipboard, with pen attached, to her with a copy of the sign-in sheet.
Miriya jumped in her chair as the large, silent, un-smiling Official in the secret service getup ninja'd his way over to her and whispered in her ear, startling her. She turned her head and stared up at the... rather tall Official... slightly rattled, but also quickly getting over it as she calmed back down. She responded to his initial question in an understandably surprised, yet quiet tone. "Yes?"

Miriya then sat there quietly, attentively listening, and making note of a great many things as the man spoke... For one, he'd just confirmed that Damien and Void had indeed dropped out of tourney. She hadn't known this as fact, and had only begun to suspect when Pianissimo had confronted her Navi as he had. Which means... they most likely know that that is not Void out there... but they probably don't know who is out there. For the other, the Official basically bee-lining for her told her the staff here had very, very good security. Seems like they didn't so much find me, as they knew I was here all along. I wasn't expecting that, and I guess I should have.

"Oh, no problem." Miriya said in a disarmingly natural tone as she took the chip board and signed herself in. Meanwhile, thinking to herself... No problem at all... Like I give a damn about the tournament anyhow. I'll just sign in like a good little participant... You'll take it and go away... Then I'll go home while our cover is at least moderately intact. She smiled as she handed the clipboard back to the Official....

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