Henry's apartment

The front door opens and Henry enters his apartment, nonplussed. He then begins to talks to Delta, "Do you think that we should head to the netsquare?"
Delta thinks about it then answers, "Um, sure."
Henry sits down at his desk, then plugs his PET in, "Run program Delta.exe."
[Jack in]
Henry finishes jacking out, then shuts down his computer, "Maybe I should get out more," he muses in a subdued tone.
Delta speaks from the PET, "Tomorrow we should head over to scilab and try virus busting there."
Henry looks at the small device, then turns towards his bedroom, "We'll do that. 'Night."
Just before the PET goes into sleep mode, Delta responds, "Goodnight Henry."
Henry climbs out of bed, then opens his dresser and pulls out his clothes for the day. After he gets dressed and has breakfast he grabs his PET and walks to the door. As he opens the door he turns the PET on. "Alright. Let's head for Scilab."
Delta yawns, then looks around. "Lets hope that we have better luck today than we had yesterday," he says as Henry boards the bus.
As the bus starts moving, Henry responds, "That would be nice if we did."
Henry reached the landing his apartment was on, and walked over to his door. As he fished out his keys, Delta woke up.

Delta activated the PET's external speaker and asked, "So what are we going to do now?"

Henry answered, "Well, I was thinking that we could do some virus busting, then go look at the tower in the netsquare, as he entered his apartment and removed his shoes.

Delta looked at the PET's files, noticing that there was a HPMemory upgrade and somehting else installed, "Hmm...more ability to take damage is always nice, but what's the other upgrade."

Henry put the PET in its holder, then said, "A gmo I made. It makes you look like you're in casual clothes."

Delta looked at the .gmo again, then said, "So we're going to test it out at the netsquare."

Henry jacked into his computer, sending Delta out into the net, "Yes. We are," he smiled as he said, "Have fun."
[Jack in]
As Delta was EJO'd from the Yoka network, Henry sat back in his chair and sighed. "That didn't go well. That didn't do well at all."

Delta's voice came from the computers speakers as a window showing him popped up on screen, saying, "And now we're short a cannon chip."

Henry rubbed his eyes, then sat up again. He said, "I guess I can go replace the chip..."

Delta shook his head, "No need. Let's try to find one in the ACDC network."

Henry nodded, then reached over and tapped some keys on the computer keyboard, jacking Delta back into the network.
[Jacking Out]
After Delta had gotten settled in the PET again, Henry picked it up and headed for the door. Making sure that the lights were all off, Henry stepped outside and locked the door behind him, then headed down the stairs. He got to the bust stop right as the bus was arriving. What a break, the netop thought to himself as he boarded the bus. Sitting down, he pulled out his PET to discuss what signature process he should make with the process upgrades.

Delta however, had noticed something about the reward data. "It looks like we got what you wanted," the navi said as Henry pulled out his PET, "the reward data contained a cannon chip."

Henry smiled, "Nice. I was thinking we could..." Both the operator and the navi continued talking as the bus started moving.
[To Scilabs navi shop]
[Back from Shopping]
As Henry unlocked the door to his apartment he said, "Alright. You head over to the netsquare and ask for a mission, and I'll get to work installing the upgrades." Sitting down at his computer, he plugged in the PET and got to work while Delta jacked in.
[Jack In]
[Log Out]
Henry stretched as he got up from his computer chair. He yawned as he walked away from his computer, thinking, It's late. I should get ready for bed.

Meanwhile, in the PET, Delta was trying to figure out how to track down someone he had never directly spoken to. Hmm...As far as I know, the only place I have to start is to request the contact information that the employer used to contact the GNA with the job in the first place. Hopefully, he would be able to find out something from that information.
The next morning, Henry rolled out of bed...literally. After picking himself up off the floor, holding his nose, he walked slowly over to the open bedroom door and headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. As he was getting out bowl and some cereal, the PET, still in its cradle at the computer, turned on, with Delta on the screen.

"So what should we do today?"

"Ergh...Just let me finish breakfast, and we can go on the net. I was thinking that we should try working with some others today."

Delta nodded, saying, "Alright." The PET's screen went blank, and Henry went back to his breakfast.

After Henry had put the bowl and glass in the kitchen sink, he went to the computer and turned it on. As the desktop booted up, Delta appeared on the PET's screen again. "You ready?"

Henry quickly established a connection to the network, then said, "Yeah, go for it." As he sat back, Delta jacked into the Electown network.
[Logging on to Eletown Net>Netbattling]
[Jack out]
After Delta had left the network, Henry said, "Well, that went fairly well."

Inside his PET, Delta nodded, then said, "In any case, I believe that I would like to attempt to explore Yoka again before we get any upgrades."

Henry nodded sleepily, not really paying attention, and wandered off to bed.
The next morning, after getting up and getting ready, Henry sat down at the computer and asked Delta, "You ready for our second trip to Yoka?"

Delta nodded, then looked up at Henry and said, "Yeah, this trip should go better than the last time. I've already plotted out a route."

Henry tapped some keys on his computer's keyboard. "Alright then," the brown haired young man said, "You can jack into the electown network any time you're ready."

Delta nodded and gave his netop a causal salute before vanishing off of his PET's screen.
[Jack in to Electown Net > Backalleys and Bridges]
Henry stands up and stretches, before grabbing his wallet and keys. "Welp, time to grab some upgrades."

((To scilabs navi shop.))
((Back from Scilabs Navi Shop))

Henry digs his keys out of his pocket as he approaches his apartment door. Unlocking and opening the door, he sits back down at his computer.