Finding both his roommates still out at the moment, Gordon returned to the apartment, which was relatively clean at the moment, though not from his efforts. "Anybody home? Nobody? Okay, I'm just gonna get out my pants then," he called out loudly, before stepping out of his jeans, pretty literally. He left them on the floor near the door and entered in his room, reaching his hand up to cup over the door frame. Dressed now just in his black boxer-briefs, he sat down at his work-station and prepared to write. "Uuuuuuh... Uuuuuuuuuh..." He groaned, looking around the room for inspiration. The space was filled with the worst inspiration sources known to mankind: ill-devised budget movies, worse paperback novels, and somehow even worse, his own scripts. Remarkably, even this didn't seem to get his motor going. "Dang. I am running on empty, Slay. You're gonna have to inspire me."

Slay stared back blankly for a bit, vaguely entertaining the idea of "what if he's flirting with me?" before deciding he was literally just waiting for her to do something he could develop a new story from. "Well... the only way I'm going to do that is to get some work. You've seen me in my down time... It's not exactly inspiring."

"What about a killer who's so uninspired they just never kill anything... wait... are they still a killer in that case?"

"No they are not. Please, just jack me in... I'll find something out there..." Slay encouraged him again. This time, he complied, jacking her into the workstation so she could head for the GNA.

((Jacking in for GNA mission request board))