A condo rising to the clouds

"Mmm try that again, you slut"

A pair of well-endowed women danced around each other, throwing kicks and ducking or flipping back to avoid them. They both wore skin-tight bodysuits, and their long hair spun around them as they moved. The one in a blue bodysuit with leather knee-length boots and long gloves flipped her tail around for balance, back flipping over a quick sweep thrown by her training partner. Her icy blue eyes glimmered with amusement behind her golden kitsune mask.

The other wore a black suit with circuitry running through it, miniaturized and woven into the material to leave her movements free. Several contacts made their way to the surface, one directly atop her face as part of a raised mask. The others at several key and vital parts to enhance sensation and digital tracking accuracy. She stepped forward from the sweep, in almost the same movement and threw a quick punch at her partner's left breast. But instead of striking as it looked like she was doing, she stopped at the very last second and cupped it instead. Much to the mixed amusement and frustration of the blue-clad woman.

"You like that Vixen? Hmm?"

The woman in blue, Vixen, smirked and leaned to one side, and to the other side at the same time.. In fact the woman that was one became two, throwing off the woman in black. They stepped forward and knocked her down together, the breath leaving her lungs as she sprawled out for a moment and saw stars. A moment later one of the Vixens was cupping the woman's chin gently and grinning while the other Vixen was lightly grinding her two-inch heels into the downed woman's crotch.

"I'd say I win, Eliza.. As usual"

The downed woman, Eliza gave a frustrated moan "Not yet" and spun her strong legs around her from her position on the floor, helicoptering them. Both vixens tripped and fell from the kicks, the one nearer to her face vanishing in a puff of powdered snow and cold air. As she whipped her legs around, Eliza pivoted her hips until her momentum spun her whole body and she carried herself up onto her hands. In a capoeira spin, she continued to spin her legs dangerously as she stood on her hands. Her body pivoted and she began to move forward, closer to the tripped Vixen.

Vixen grinned as she rolled backwards, away from the oncoming kicks and to her feet. She raised a hand and formed an icy diamond spike, like a knife. She took another step back and threw it, aiming directly between her opponent's legs. Eliza saw it coming, despite her technique, and spun a kick at the incoming projectile, knocking it up into the air. She pushed off with her arms and stood back to her feet and reached out to snatch the blade from the air. The woman took a moment to put on her most sultry face and licked the side of the weapon for a moment before rubbing it gently against her breasts and letting out an exaggerated moan.

Vixen couldn't help but smile as she raised her other hand "If you like that one, cutie, you'll love this one" A larger, rounded and more phallic object manifested in her hand. Vixen gave her a wink and a lustful look as she rubbed it down her own body. Eliza grinned and gave a purring growl as she dropped the knife and headed closer to the inviting lady in blue.

"Thank god for virtual reality"


An undetermined amount of time later, followed by a shower...

The woman took a drag of her cigarette as she looked down from the balcony, at bustling Electown, below her. "So Sexy, what's on the schedule for today?", she said as the purr of her voice hardened and took upon it a tone of business. The lit view screen of her metallic blue Link-II PET lit up her face in the night, up above most of the lights. "You have a meeting with Mr Takada in ten minutes, down in the lobby", the face of a cute and mischievous blue arctic fox, wearing a golden mask over her face said. She purred as she spoke, almost with a melody to it.

The woman smoking glances down at her PET, and sighed. She took another drag of her cigarette and hopped up, sitting on the edge of the balcony, not caring if anyone else managed to see her in this high and obscure location. Also? She was naked. She leaned backward, half of her body dangling over the edge, just far enough to give her a thrill of danger. "Guess I should get dressed, hmm?"

"We could go another round, if you like", the navi said followed by a chuckle. Eliza blew a kiss to her navi and winked "Now now, business before pleasure. Today, anyway", the woman said. "Let's go over the plan, hmm?"

The fox chuckled again and said incredulously "Plan? What plan? You f*ck him while I go into his network and get those bank account numbers. Works every time" Eliza smirked "There's more to it then that. There's an art to fine distraction. You can't just take them, you have to make him believe someone else took them.. Or send him on some kind of.. False lead" Vixen gave a 'tsk tsk' and said "Now now, cutie, I've been doing this as long as you have. I was only joking"

Eliza swung her legs over the edge of the balcony and swung her legs idly, enjoying the cool breeze reaching her from the updrafts. "Mmmm. Suppose I should get ready. I'll show up in enough time to be fashionably late. Can't let Mr Tadakatsu think he's too important" The little fox tilted her head to the side "His name is Takada. Ta-Ka-da" Eliza swung around again and stepped back on the safe side of the balcony, her long blonde hair flying in the wind "Whatever. Getting his name right is your job, from the bank accounts. I can get away with just smiling and nodding"

She stood, stretching her lithe body, PET held over her head, the fingers of her free hand twitching freely from the movements that were giving her pleasure. "The pig will be too busy looking at the girls anyway", she said as she lowered her hands and stroked them down her large breasts. She gave a coy smile and headed inside to get ready.


One steamy evening later...

She sat in the elegant bath of her condo, resting her back on the rear of the tub while her feet hung out the other side. Bubbles and rose petals topped off the tub and she sipped idly at a glass of champagne. Her PET sat on the edge of the bath, upright thanks to it's stand, facing her. She wasn't worried about it falling in, not only was the case water resistant but the systems were coated and waterproof. A leftover from a heist she pulled a while back that involved water.

"Mmm. That went well. How much did we rake in?" The woman asked. Her fox navi was laying stretched across a pile of soft, silken pillows within the data space "The way you spend? Enough to get by for a few months. It made this vacation free, anyway" The fox yawned and stretched, before one of her legs twitched and she bent down, chewing lightly at the fur between her hind legs. Eliza glanced over and grinned "What I wouldn't give to be able to do that" The fox readjusted and curled back up "That's what you have me for. And VR. That suit and that room are amazing"

Downing the rest of the glass, Eliza sighed and added "We both know I don't need the suit, the room alone lets us interact. But it makes everything so much more real, so much more.." She closed her eyes and grinned sheepishly. Her navi finished for her "Sensual"

Eliza nodded and rested her head back, closing her eyes. They were silent for awhile and finally she mumbled "Anything scheduled for tomorrow, Vix?" The fox didn't even move, she just cracked one of her glimmering ice-blue eyes and said "Before, or after we have some fun in that room?" Eliza smirked, eyes still closed "Keep it in your pants, slut. I meant in general" The fox cracked a grin and added "You know you like it. Anyway, nothing in the morning. You have another meeting with Mr Takada. This one is the formal one. And you better play it cool, or he might suspect something"

The young Sharo woman mumbled "Now now, I've been doing this as long as you have" Vixen laughed and they both said at the same time "Only joking".

Eliza would eventually get to bed, after staying up later than she should have, drinking far more than she should have and engaging in things best left unmentioned.
"Ugh, that fat Electopian bastard makes me sick" Eliza seemed devoid of humor for a change as she headed out onto the street of Electown. "Ohh you mean he was robbed blind the night of your visit and not terribly cheery the morning after? Imagine that" The fox navi in her PET chirped with her usual smart-ass and carefree tone.

Eliza glared at the device "He didn't have any proof. There was no way he could. He had to just be either pissed in general about it or reacting on some kind of gut instinct" The fox chirped up with "He has quite a gut too eh? Could you even find his pieces under that thing?" The young woman had a grim look on her face, from the recollection "Unfortunately that's part of my job. Men stop thinking as soon as the other head takes over. Perfect time for you to rob them blind.." They continued their idle chitchat as they walked down the street and into the shopping district.

"I know the excuse you keep telling me but why can't we just use some of those funds that I got for us last night on upgrading me? I mean, seriously.. You have no problem using them to.." The fox clears her throat with an 'ahem' "Upgrade yourself".

Eliza gave a smirk but quickly replied "We have gone over this before. It makes them easier to track. It's the same reason we never jack-in for any busting at our hotels or homes. Or in the same place twice" The woman lights up a cigarette and takes a drag, lost in thought for a moment as she looks around at some of the shop windows.

The fox sighs "Yeah, I see how it is. Anything I earn is mine. Anything you earn or we earn is yours. Not fair at all" Eliza rolls her eyes and glances down to the screen "I've already spent quite a bit on 'after market' mods to your PET. Besides, a chunk of what we pull in has to go to the right people to keep ourselves off the radar. What you earn from busting? Pretty much untraceable and all yours. Anyway-" She pauses as she takes another satisfying drag from her cigarette "You saying you want to do some busting?"

The fox navi yawned and stretched out before giving it some thought. On the one hand she could just keep chatting and napping. That was fun. Or she could go get worked up and worn out by torturing some poor things in the net. That was fun too.. Hrm choices.. Eliza sat on a nearby bench as she noticed the fox navi considering the proposition. She could give her feet a little rest anyway. Designer shoes seemed designed to cause pain.

Finally the fox said "I suppose.. So, you just mean right around here, right? I have no idea what's in this network, do you?" Eliza shrugged "Money, waiting to be taken" The fox snickered but added "Right, but if this place is full of elec-type viruses I'm toast. That will be on you" Eliza smirked "On me? Your the one who wants to bust. And honestly, what do you expect to bump into in a place called Electown? Wood-types?"

Clearly unhappy, the fox curled back up on her pillows and said "Pass" Eliza gave another smirk "Aww, what's wrong, sweetie, don't think you can do it?" The fox navi rolled her eyes and ignored the woman, just mumbling something about 'want to get me back for this morning' and 'go to hell b*tch'. The woman snorted and said "I think you need some training. I'm telling you to get into the nearest network and go hunt" The fox didn't even open her eyes, she just retorted "Suck a c*ck, I'm aqua, I'm not jumping into a place called Electown. That's just stupid. It's like you trying to work people in a gay men's bar"

Eliza snorted "Hey it can be done. Just takes a little more effort. And creativity" The fox mumbles "Exactly, they are typed against you. You do realize I feel pain, right?" Eliza frowned and said "Look.. I'll make it worth your while, alright? Get in there and do your best and.. I'll give you.. Hmm.. Five minutes in the room. How does that sound?" Vixen opened her eyes, trying to not show too much excitement. "Five minutes? Can your tongue last that long?" Eliza smirked "Well, I didn't say it would be all at once, but yeah I'll do my best"

Vixen adjusted her hind quarters, which were experiencing some discomfort all of a sudden. She stood and gave another stretch. "Fine. I'll go in like this, maybe catch some of them off guard. I'll be counting on your chips, you better not take too long" Eliza chirped "Don't worry about me, hun. Just have fun in there" She sat the PET in her lap, the chips next to it as she waited and watched.

Vixen stood by the PET's wireless port exit and waited, a device beside it with a screen flipping through several of the possible locations. It didn't really matter since it was all on the same network, but she preferred to not jump into anything like a light pole, traffic signal, electronics store, anything obviously going to fry her. Eventually she saw a general link into the network proper, just off the street, and locked it in. She dove into the link and vanished in a swirl of silvery-blue light and snow.

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