Window Shopping

Gale strode down the Electown boulevard like she owned it. There was nothing about her that suggested she was currently broke or had no real reason to be walking through busiest district in the city. She was exceptionally eye-catching, though most passersby tried to avoid staring directly at her as she was as intimidating as she was striking.

Her heels, though fashionable and unreasonably expensive, were most unkind to her delicate feet. She needed to make a rest stop but she couldn't possibly be caught inside a common coffee shop. She needed a proper café at the very least.

Keeping a perfectly straight face worthy of a champion poker player, she excruciatingly searched for a venue that suited her refined tastes. Eventually, she stumbled on a classy baguette shop after 20 minutes of torture.

"Finally..." She whispered to herself under her breath as she entered the establishment.

The warm aroma of freshly baked good greeted her though she was much more interested in the closest open table and chair. Taking five more unbearable steps, she made her way to the stool and sat gracefully. She crossed her legs, eager to get them off the floor and relieve the pressure from her toes. All the while, she managed to maintain her calm demeanor throughout her ordeal.

She reached into her purse and extracted her PET. It was the newest model and had cost her a pretty zenny, but such was the price of staying up to date with the newest trends. She knew as much about PETs and the ilk as she did the finer nuances of theoretical physics but that didn't bother her. It was all about keeping up appearances. Still, she knew how to turn it on and that was good enough for now.

Her customized navi, Tempest, appeared on the screen looking slightly sad.

"Gaaaaale. I'm boooored." Tempest groaned.

"Well, what do you want to do?" Gale asked.

"Oh! Oh! Let's go online and search for something!" suggested the navi, "We're in Electown so they should have TONS of nice places to shop."

Gale had time to burn while her feet recovered and she did enjoy online shopping with her navi. Too much so actually, as it was the main reason she was currently strapped for cash. Jacking in was easy for her. The wonders of technology allowed her to access the café's free wireless signal and send her navi into the network with a tap of her finger.

((Electown Net))
"Oh! That's how you do it." Gale said, seeing Tempest back on her PET screen.

Her feet were feeling better after her much needed rest and she was eager to start her new hobby as a virus deleter or whatever they were called. She would have to look that up or ask someone about that later. For now, it was off to the computer store to learn about RAM or something.

This was going to be rough.

((Navi Shop))
Gale was eager to jack into the network to see what kind of fancy things her navi was capable of now. The venue wasn't that important though she didn't think standing on the side of the street was the best place to test the new upgrades. Rather than think too much about it, she decided to go back to the baguette shop she had visited earlier.

Sitting down at the same table she had occupied earlier, she flipped open her PET and quickly sent Tempest back online.

((Electown Net))