"I should've known we weren't going home..." sighed Kina from her PET, placed atop a round table outdoors at one of ElecTown's many street-side cafes. "You won't be satisfied until I finish battle-testing the Time Ring, will you?"

"Of course not! And you shouldn't be, either!" exclaimed Eliza as a matter of fact. "We're pioneering research into digital time travel here! Think of the new data to analyze!"

"I like reading data, not creating it..." moaned Kina weakly. "So, what's going to make this run better than the last?"

"Well, first off, you've already got some battle experience under your belt, so that's bound to start off better. Secondly, I did a little information gathering to find out that ElecTown is absolutely teeming with electrical viruses. That should suit your element much better than the stuff we were seeing in SciLab and ACDC, right?" explained Eliza step by step. "And as a bonus, we've got 2 more chips to work with than before. I traded that second Cannon in online, and got a really strong shield for you to use in return. Not even those Powies from before should be able to break through this thing!"

Kina paused for a moment to think, before responding, "Something to defend myself with is reassuring... I guess I'll give it my best, then."

"There you go, Kina! That's genuine scientific enthusiasm, right there!" applauded Eliza towards her Navi. "Now let's go see how far the time-space continuum can bend!"

"That sounds dangerous..." muttered Kina as she was thrown online for the second time today.

(Jack-In, ElecTown Net)