The lights in the apartment were a little dim, and the paint seemed to show some wear, but otherwise, the entire apartment was reasonably cozy for what one could pay on an average salary. Strangely enough, while Gaven is not an average middle class citizen, he still preferred the simple comforts of life at a low price. Or at least until the bloody renovators get here in time for once in their life and begin work already.

The apartment had a small hallway which led to a small storage room on the right. The interior of the apartment was occupied by a living hall/kitchen. The entire place reeked of coffee, partly because the kitchen had a couple of glass jars that carried and separated all the different types of coffee beans that Gaven drinks, as well as the fact that there was a dustbin filled with empty coffee bean bags. A brewing machine sat near the jars, brewing another fresh jug of java.

It was already late at night, and Gaven should already be sleeping, but the fact that his PC had somehow refused to hook up to the internet had forced him to stay awake for a longer while. And when it finally connected into the internet, surprise! There was a flood of viruses which SOMEHOW got into the system. Still, he needed to get the PC in working condition before the next morning. He pulled out his PET and started tapping it, awakening a black, blob like object inside the PET.

"Wh4t 1t 15/?" A text box popped up on the screen. Mal'am was Gaven's navi used for both his work and to do basic virus busting for maintaining his computer. Mal'am was an oddball of a Navi, usually not speaking but preferring to use text boxes to express himself instead. And when he does speak, it's usually impossible to discern his current emotional state. And the text box has it's own issues as well... it somehow ENJOYED turning various letters into numbers instead of using the original alphabet, and the grammar was wrong in every way possible.

Gaven thought that it was a bug, but no navi was riddled with THIS many bugs. "The PC's acting up, Mal. I'm going to need you to check out the disturbance." Gaven said. The Navi only responded with another text box. "0k4y but f00d f00d i 34t g37 f0r v1ru5..1.1?//"

"...No Mal. I'm not doing another system purge because of you eating things you shouldn't be consuming in the first place."
"n0 f0n fuN y0u ar3." It replied with another text box, before beginning it's transmission into cyberspace.