Your navis: can get the following

Quote (Skyrender)

Old members may choose any two of the following.

-Select up to three chips that you own not exceeding a total value of 5000Z from Higure's chip store. Note that chips carried over must be available for purchase from Higure's store.

-Select up to 2 navicust programs that you own not exceeding a total value of 5000Z from Meijin's navicust shop.

-Vouchers for a level 2 signature attack and a level 1.5 signature attack, assuming you had both to begin with

-Up to 2 HP Memories OR 2 Navicust Expansions, assuming you had them to begin with.

-1 speed upgrade, assuming you had it.

Yeah. So, good luck to you all.

You get this even if you start anew.
Alright, after much waiting and patience (Thanks, all!), we've got enough stuff put together that we can start approving Registrations.

Stuff to think about: The starting chipset and NaviCust set has been tweaked. Please don't freak out.
Also... I'm going to ask that anyone who has started a continuation here get rid of it. I apologize for any pain this may cause, but to make everything easier on everyone starting from scratch is the best way to get things going.

Remember that while you're carrying over some items, you're not carrying over your past relationships, so you'll need to re-introduce your characters IC. >_<

Also, please PM me if you have a topic with your navi already posted in it and it needs to be deleted.
Oh, and you start with Legacy Items. (Calling them that for simplicity's sake.)

HOWEVER: Signature Vouchers don't work until you reach the level where you can actually buy them.

That is all.