Getting back into the swing of things

The time after the tournament seemed all a blur to Aelieth. The project had forced him to leave the lounge in such a hurry proved to be more of a handful than he had thought it would be. Immediately after turning that in, the flood gates opened and he was so immersed in schoolwork that, for a while, Aelieth ceased to exist to the outside world. As a result, there hadn't been any time to for leisure activities, let along virus busting.

Holoß made a special note of this fact as Aelieth, now finally free from his insane workload, walked the busy streets of Electown.

"Ahhhh..." the Net Op sighed as he strolled past flashy electronics store displays and glaringly bright neon signs over the entrances of various buildings. "It's good to finally be out of computer chair. My neck was starting to kill me," Aelieth said, stretching his sore neck muscles as he did so. There wasn't any real reason for his trip out to this neck of the woods other than he hadn't been this way in forever and needed to get out of his apartment. Holoß swung from a floating hammock within the PeT, lounging about as he was carried along with his partner. Though the act cast a nonchalant appearance, Holo was getting restless. He had had little to do while Aelieth worked, what with the human's preference for hand coding rather than letting his Navi handle the brunt of the workload. And the upgrades purchased with their tournament winnings hummed with power, unused since their installation. He needed something to do if he were to calm down.

"Oh look..." Aelieth commented, spotting a Net Cafe/Coffee House just a few feet away. "Some coffee sounds great. And they have a public 'Net connection..." Holo perked up at this. He walked in and took a seat. A waitress walked up to his table, took his order, and appeared moments later with a tall cappuccino topped with whipped cream. A chirp from his PeT informed him that Holo was impatient to get on the Net. "Alright, alright..." Aelieth chuckled, navigating to the PeT's transmission page. "Have fun."

Holo jumped from the hammock and disappeared into the Net.
The bell above the door dinged as Aelieth left the coffee house. He headed up the street, down the metro stairs, and boarded a subway to the SciLabs.