AI Demolitions

Alan had already travelled to Electown to visit the Electown branch. A customer had called the company about a job they had completed a few months ago that Meltdown appeared to have botched, according to the customer. Alan had since fixed the problem, but the customer was back again, saying the problem still existed.

Ticked off about the whole incident, Alan was glad to be back. It was the perfect opportunity to find a replacement for a program that had been deleted a while back by a network leak. Alan had been wanting a replacement for quite some time, but every replacement didn't seem to get along with Meltdown. Although he and Alan had a good relationship, Meltdown didn't seem to get along too well with outsiders. However, Alan had found a new program to try, although it was a little more rough than a regular navi. Nonetheless, Meltdown was going to get along with this one, whether he liked it or not.

After a quick call to Meltdown, Alan sat down in his big executive chair and started his PC. Interfacing his PET with the computer, Alan attempted to restart the data path connection to Meltdown. Are you in Electown yet?


Alan removed his PET from the computer and placed it in his pocket. As he headed out of the office one of the staff members poked her head around the corner, brown hair whipping around the corner as she did so. Leaving so soon, mister Ishlington? she said.

Sorry Loretta. I got the Fronston job sorted out, and some paperwork filled out and sorted, and then Meltdown wanted to roam the net. I have to head home now, I've got the new branch opening on Wednesday.

Yes you do. she replied. That's why you'll need these: instructions on how to get to the branch.

Geez, I forgot all about those. gasped Alan. Thanks Loretta, you're a lifesaver.

I know, I know. Now get out of here before you miss your train. she laughed.

Crap, I almost forgot the time! Meltdown, why didn't you say something?!

Don't look at me, I was virus busting. said Meltdown.

Muttering something under his breath, Alan grabbed his coat and headed out the front door.