With a rattle of protest, the doorknob was shaken roughly in an attempt to get it loose before the dark-skinned man managed to gain entry through a combination of body weight on the door and on the handle. Muttering to himself, Ceres regained his composure quickly but still managed to slam the door behind him.

If you actually cared about your own house, you'd get a new doorknob so you're not breaking in every time you want to sleep, Enigma chuckled, peering around curiously. Sure enough, many signs hinted that Ceres hadn't stayed at his place if he could help it. The kitchen was covered in half-eaten containers of rotted food, turning unappealing colors in their old age and giving a distinct odor to the room. Oddly enough, apart from the food waste, the floor, cabinets, oven, stove, and microwave were still clean as could be, which Ceres noted aloud with a sigh of relief.

Living alone isn't that great, grumbled Ceres, unable to come up with an excuse as to why he'd used so much of his money on a house he never would use. It was a good thing his father's savings were still holding him up from behind the scenes, because the part-time jobs barely even got him this dump. Anyways, want to get something done? he asked quickly, trying to change topics from his decrepit house.

Fine, but only because I want to see what your room looks like on the way there, replied Enigma with a knowing grin. Shrugging in surrender, Ceres snatched his PET from the tabletop and journeyed upstairs, each step giving an ominous creak. Arriving at the correct door once upstairs, Ceres effortlessly opened the handle (this time) and strolled inside. Enigma's digital jaw dropped for effect, but soon he laughed, Alright, surprises are over, let's go.

Jackass, Ceres replied clearly, sitting down his perfectly-made bed that apparently hadn't been slept in in a while, either. I'll get to the kitchen later, okay? Obviously I cleaned up fine here, he snapped, gesturing around at the organized cabinets and trash-less floor.

Yeah, yeah, now let me bust. I'm thinking Sharo, the amorph suggested.

Enh, maybe Dentech, I heard they have some nice chips there, retorted Ceres.

God forbid that you, ya know, actually go somewhere and meet people, you jack in from home, sniggered Enigma, and Ceres jacked him into his laptop without a word.

= To Dentech! =