The door tho the apartment opens and Henry enters, setting down a bag of groceries on the kitchen counter, and starts putting them away. A few minutes later, he takes out hit PET and looks at it before asking, "You ready?"
The response from his navi, Delta, comes almost immeadiately, "I was born ready!"
"In that case." Henry jacks in his PET to his computer, "Trnasmit!"
(Going to the Electown net now)
Henry presses several buttons on his PET, withdrawing Delta from the Net. He then stands up, unplugs the PE, and puts it in his pocket, saying, "I'm going to ACDC town to look at the chip shot while you repair."
Delta wastes no time in responding "Okay."
Henry locks the door behind him as he leaves, then looks for a bus to ACDC town...
The door opens and Henry enters, pulling out his PET. "You ready to get back to virus busting?"
On the PET's screen, Delta nods. "Yes. We will strive to do better this time."
"Okay. Delta.exe, transmit!" Henry says as he plugs the PET into his computer.
[Logging into Electown net.]
Henry looks at his PET as Delta logs out of the netsquare, "Well, that went well...though I can't help but wonder who the ghost was." He looks around, then at the PET, "The best we can do is wait until we get the reward, but before that...I'm going to go to Scilabs and buy an Attack plus."
Delta nods, "That sounds like an appropriate course of action."
Henry gets up and gets his coat on, then leaves, locking the door behind him.
[Going to SciLabs]