"Epic Web Battle?"

(This topic used while in the freaky time warp of the current event)

Hal rose from his chair, sending it swiveling behind him as he hurriedly raced to his shoes. "There's no time to spare," the operator muttered, remaining in the casual attire he'd put on that morning, his white button up shirt and long pants. He hadn't even put on his signature tie. He'd essentially had to leave his Navi hanging in the midst of battle despite the chaos of the current scene, but there would be no way TeethMan could effectively fight without the critical update that had appeared while Hal was distracted in his earlier depression. He had no choice but to make the run.

The operator jumped into the helicopter, grabbing a handle at the side unsteadily as he finished the leap. Swinging into the pilot's seat, Hal took off for Suitachi's immediately. "Hang on Teethman... help is on its way!"
The helicopter touched down on the pad with a rough bounce in the chassis: Hal hadn't put his normal care into bringing it down full vertical, and he didn't waste any more time in leaving the seat and bolting through the door into the building. Hal rushed a few floors down, his smart shoes clopping against the polished floors. Luckily, he lived on a fairly high story of the building, so he wasn't too concerned about making time or losing energy running.

In a moment, Hal had returned to his room, throwing open the door and hurrying to his desk. "I'm really fortunate to have such a convenient way to move, otherwise I never would have made it on time," Hal thought to himself as he walked hurriedly through the shade of his room, which had been well lit earlier due to the sunlight pouring through the windows during the morning, and took his seat for operating. "Now, just let me get these programs in..." Hal muttered to himself, "and you'll be good to go, Teeth."