Riding along on his segway, Yamazaru bobs his head as he drives. Headphones in his ears and his head moving to the beat of " Born to be wild." He pays attention to traffic signals, and rides along until he gets to his destination. He hops his segway onto the sidewalk and rides up to the door of an office building.

Next, he knocks on the door of the building, gaining entrance by waving his ID card and keyboard at the door guard. He then walks along to his office, snapping his fingers to the beat, swaggering his hips, and swaying his labcoat to the music. Just as the refrain to the song (Booooooooooorn to be wiiiiIIIIlllllD!) plays in his headphones the strange programmer jacks in to the building's net. As he gets started on maintaining the system with code repairs, Pol is logged into the building.

After looking around at the mostly featureless area, Pol looks up through the screen of the PET at Yamazaru, " why do you always bring me here? can't you just let me wander the net or something while you're at work? it's not like viruses ever attack...or maybe give this place some terrain...like a tree....or a small pond. Maybe a few fishes?"

Yamazaru smirked, " you know they'd yell at me for doing much. Clutter the system or some such. Or did you forget what happened when I made a cloud for you in here? You said it looked like a pansy and it got mad and started throwing lightning at you..."

Pol shook his head, " well yeah, you used sloppy programming and made it look like a flower. What was I supposed to do? say it looked like a bunny? Come on, at least if I can wander I might find someone to talk to. Or get an entourage with which to wander. "

Yamazaru looked around in a shifty eyed manner, then shrugged, " fine. But if you get in a fight you know the drill. run, dodge, and avoid them until you can get my attention. Or, you know...maybe actually fight?"

Pol sighed. Then motioned to Yamazaru, " could you at least give me a piece of straw to chew then? It might be a boring day...and that would certainly be an ice breaker."

Yamazaru nodded, then called up a few lines of programming he had made for Pol months ago, materializing a slender golden strand of straw for Pol to chew on. Pol took this and left to the electown net. Leaving Yamazaru to his work.