Seig vs. Aelieth

Aelieth strode into the room, surprised that he was the first one in; he had completely expected it to be another scenario like with Bruce. Walking up to the console, he made his preparations, laying out his folder and connecting the PET to its terminal.

"Well, you ready?" He asked, looking down at the screen. Holoß materialized a robe and boxing gloves, punching at the air in a competitive manner. Chuckling, Aelieth pressed the TRANSMIT button, sending Holoß zooming into the Network.

Quarterfinals... well, here we go! he thought, looking over to the door as he waited for his opponent.


Suddenly, something hit Aelieth. He had the feeling as though he had forgotten something....

"OH CRAP!" he exclaimed, bolting out of the room and leaving Holo to wander. Hopefully he'll be in and out fast enough that no harm would come to his Navi.


He rounded the corner to the room, relieved to find no tampering with is PET or chips. Now we wait... he thought, resuming his position as he caught his breath.

Man.... I'm really out of shape...
Once Holo was back in the PeT, Aelieth gathered up his chips and left them in their folder on the terminal. He turned to the tournament official in the room. "Please make sure these get back to the proper person." he said, then turned and walked out of the room. He made to go to the Specator's Lounge, then changed his mind and turned to go out the front door. The next bout of rounds probably wouldn't start for a while yet, and the newly acquired zenny was burning a hole in his pocket. Trotting down the stairs, he boarded the Metro and headed off to Sci Labs.