Upgrades and explorations

Leaving the navi shop, Vincent made his way towards the large building that was Sci Labs, Such a place is worth a visit I suppose..

Stepping inside he'd glance around before shrugging off his long white trench coat and fold it lightly over left arm as he stepped inside. It was just as one would expect a public science building to be. Customer service desk, several places to sit and gather with others, though what was most intriguing was the signs that eventually led to the public access point for the building.

With a smile he'd find himself a comfortable place to sit down and get to work installing the new upgrades he'd purchased for his little Lucia. "Taking you offline for a short time Lucia, nothing to worry about, so enjoy the quick rest."

The little navi within his pet was quick to give a wave and smile before the screen cut out and shut down to allow for maintenance work to be done upon the navi's core programming.

One hour later

Start up screens were such a pain, but all the same it brought smile to the opp's lips as his navi appeared on screen, giving a broad stretch of the arms and not quite so cute yawn. "Welcome back Lucia, how do you feel?"

Finishing her stretching the navi gave a few soft hops and a quick twirl there within her pet before blinking and looking up at her owner curiously. "Uhm, about the same honestly, what did you do to me master?"

"Simply put, I've upgraded your normal weapon's rate of fire, though as of yet we've not bothered to use it. Along with that, I did some tinkering with your core programming, and enhanced a few things. The first being your armor coding, I've expanded it, it will offer more protection now. The second is I've taken your wind subtype to a heightened level, should the need arise, you can send something flying off into the distance. Though the extend of such a thing I'm still uncertain on. Would you care to test the enhancements?"

Lucia's eyes seemed to light up brightly as she clapped hands and give a quick nod of her head. "Really, you did all that for me! Oh lets go some place and toast some viruses please please!!" Her excitement was building as she leaned forward to try and peek around the PET's screen to see just where they were, ooo'ing out softly and pointing off towards the main computer. "I see upload ports! Come on send me to the network. Ah.. er.." Quieting down the navi gave a cute little smile and turned those eyes up towards Vincent hopefully. "Never know, we found a bugged virus last time, and this is a lab, I bet there are all kinds of things on its network."

Vincent couldn't help but chuckle deeply at the excitement and enthusiasm his navi seemed to have towards getting out and testing herself now. "Alright, just calm down already. Get going." Raising Pet and turning it towards the upload ports, the opp tapped the button to trigger the inferred beam that would shoot his navi into the computer systems. Let us see what's to be found then..

((To Net Square and forward into Scilabs Network))
With navi back within his PET, Vincent took back towards the exit of the building. Though he was side tracked when he encountered the BBS section. Giving a quiet hm as he looks on over the different requests and current jobs. One in particular peeked his interest. Wasn't to long ago, perhaps there is still time.

Taking his pet back out he'd start looking up the operator in the public database to track down an e-mail address.

Minutes later

With e-mail sent, he took a soft breath before shaking his head lightly. "Lets go deal with a minor issue while we can Lucia. We need a method to keep you alive." Somewhat speaking to himself, he'd leave Scilabs.

((Heading to Navi Shop))
Vincent returned once more to the Sci-Labs area, on his way to the Navi Shop, that was until he took a closer look at his funds. With a slight frown he'd shake his head softly "Oh right, bought a chip.. Guess we'll have to deal with a few more viruses before I can get her upgrades."

With a soft shrug of his shoulders, Vincent returned to the bench of his previous visit, sending his navi back into the Net.

[To Net Square and beyond to Scilabs Network]
With Lucia safely away in her PET once more, Vincent rose from the bench he'd been sitting and and started to make his way towards the Navi Custom Shop. She needed some upgrades, and better methods of protecting her new guardian, so he could protect her.

[To Navi Shop]
Returning from the Navi Shop, Vincent stopped off at a table in some shade and set to work installing the newest upgrades for his little firebug. As well as creating a means of protection for her guardian, he turned the Pet back on and activated the both of them. "Rise and shine Lucia, you too, Artio. How are you both feeling?"

Navi seemed to squeal in delight as she and Artio both appeared on screen, quickly throwing her arms around the beast in tight embrace. "Arty Arty your back! I missed you!" Keeping arms about the animal she rose and sort of slipped atop its back before sitting up and gripping fur. Kicking heels in hopes of getting a ride.

Artio, seemed somewhat annoyed, though not with Lucia's actions as he started to pad and step about the space inside the PET. "I'm sorry to have failed you sir, I will do better this time around, you've my word."

"Don't worry so much about it, it was an overwhelming force, and you gave your all to protect an ally, we'd not have done as well as we had, without your aid."

Lucia gave quick nodding to this while hugging the wolf once more. "Yeah that's right! you saved Sally, and she was real grateful too!" Though as navi sat herself back up, she leaned a little while kicking her heels softly, "So Master, where are we going next?"

Vincent frowned slightly and gave a soft shrug of his shoulders. "Well, I've read about, and heard rumors of a powerful weapon that I'd like to get for you. However there are no real details on just where to acquire it. So we'll be heading to where I can only assume it comes from. A network of flame and fire. It will be dangerous, but the rewards should be worth the risk. If the two of you are ready, we will begin."

Lucia gave a cheer as she stood up and hopped off her companion, offering a bright smile. "Ready and waiting Master!" Artio gave a quieter, though no less determined response with a simple nod to show his own readiness.

"Very well, then off we go, to Hades Net." Turning to the nearby port to log into Net city, and from there, he'd direct the duo to the dangerous world of flame and fire.

((Log in to Net City transferring to Hades Network))
Exiting the navi shop Vincent got to work on getting Lucia updated before sitting down at one of the tables outside to start having a closer look at Artio and a possible upgrade for him. Finally scowling when he started to realize his calculations were off, with a soft sigh he'd turn his PET around to send Lucia into Internet City. "Lucia, make your way to the Netfrica uplink, we need to gather a few more resources before we take on your next challenge, and there is always the chance the weapon we seek can be located there, since we have not had any luck previously."

Navi gave a soft little "Yes Master!" while quickly skipping off towards the gateway alongside her trusted wolf companion.

[Lucia.EXE Log-in to Internet City, transport to Netfrica Network]