A normal SciLab morning usually consists of certain sounds. The "whoosh" of the SciLab corporate entrance sliding doors opening and closing, the quiet "whirrrrrr" sound produced by the small mechanical cleanbots running their rounds along the sidewalks and streets, and the busy sound of rush hour traffic resulting in a cacophony of "thumps" and "whumps" created by taxis slamming car doors shut. Today was not an ordinary SciLab morning though. There was a new instrument playing in the orchestra of SciLab this morning, and it was quite out of tune...


In a blur of black and chrome, an object whipped by pedestrians that left people craning their necks to get a better look at the noisy disturbance to their peaceful morning.

"Oh, come now Gramps, a little drive always cheers you up! Don't be such a party pooper!"

The black and chrome streak, identified by a traffic camera as a baby stroller, narrowly dodged a scientist getting out of a car but spun out, stopping inches from a nearby atm. The automated baby carriage had a small child wrapped in blankets inside, but the voice had come from the PET anchored in the control port in the front of the stroller.

"Gramps, you know that your faithful navi MediocreMan is here to take care of you! How about a little virus busting to calm you down?"

The shrill baby cries stopped immediately and a small smile popped up on Gramps' adorable chubby face.

"GhabbaMah, jahah!"

"I'm gonna pretend like you said MediocreMan, Jack In!"

A cord jettisoned from the carriage and connected to a port on the ATM, and seconds later the stream of data known as MediocreMan was on the SciLab server.