Aelieth found a bench near the Navi Shop that rested within the shady cover of a large tree. He couldn't really tell the type, he had next to no experience with identifying tree species, but the small flowers dotting the branches sent pleasant aromas wafting around the area. Setting his purchases beside him on the bench, he popped open the back of the PeT and set to work installing them...

--Some time later--

With a groan and a tire smile on his face, Aelieth abandoned the hunchbacked posture native to those who spend their time huddling over a small electronic device for several hours in favor of a less cramp inducing position. Snapping the PeT shut and powering it up, he waited only for a moment before Holo was staring up at him from the terminal, good as new.

"Well, those hard-light upgrades should hold up much better now," he smiled, half explaining what he did to Holo, half saying it just for the heck of saying it. Holo waved his arm experimentally, and noted how it kept its form quite nicely; no more invisible bubble crushing down on this Navi. An e-mail alert pinged in the upper corner of the PeT screen, which was odd because Aelieth at current didn't have an e-mail service. "Mail?" he mused, double checking the icon. Yep, that was a miniature envelope, alright. "Holo, mind opening it?"

The projection Navi did as asked, still half watching for any strangeness. There was none. As Holo depressed the button representative of the message just sent to the PeT, two windows popped open; one in front of Holo, and one across the PeT's screen. On them, the following message was displayed:

Mr. Hadrok,
This is an automated e-mail message sent to inform you that your personal e-mail account on the Dentech server is now up and running. Please do not respond.

"Huh... well, it's about time," commented the operator, noting that they finally got around to activating his account only half way through the semester. Still, he thought, late e-mail's better than no e-mail. "Oh!" he exclaimed, suddenly remembering something from what seemed like ages ago. Pulling out his wallet again, he opened the billfold and removed a scrap of paper. On it was a name, e-mail address, URL and phone number. Each of these belonged to Rose.

"Well, I did say I'd send her a message once I got my mail up and running..." he muttered, thinking on how it might seem weird to get a message from someone she'd only known for a couple of hours just out of the blue. Ah well, he thought, and opened up the PeT's e-mail application.

--Several Emails Later--

Aelieth closed the application, standing up from the bench as he did so. He felt a mild excitement in his belly; this'd be the first time he'd see his friend since the tournament. A few more meetings like this, and hey may even have a new best friend, a commodity he hadn't had since he was much younger. Holo was also excited, for very similar reasons. Most of his interaction with other Navis had been fighting against them. Now he was actually getting the chance for normal Navi interaction instead of Navi combat.

Aelieth made his way back to the Navi Shop, leaving the bench and the not-rose tree behind.