Taking a work break

Jared walked down the hallway, having just left the server room where they were still trying to setup the new application, file, and web servers. They were needed for the Sci-Labs/NAXA joint project where NAXA was going to patch Sci-Labs into the new orbital station's laboratories. The orbital labs weren't slated to come online until late next year, but the new servers would be needed long before then. So, NAXA had sent Jared here along with the rest of the setup crew.... And I kinda wished they hadn't. Jared thought to himself unhappily. It's really awkward having to work with the people who fired me a few months back for losing Broadside. And now, here I am, with Broadside in hand no less.

With that thought, Jared looked down at his PET's screen... And Broadside looked right back up at him from within the screen; expressionlessly passive as usual. Jared often wondered if his Navi ever got bored during the frequent spells of inactivity, but it was hard to tell as the Navi usually wore the same inscrutably bland expression day in and day out. It didn't help that the Navi didn't say much either, unless one spoke to him first.

Jared set those thoughts aside for the moment as he finally arrived as the doors to the employee rest area. He turned, opened the doors, and walked into what was, for all intents and purposes, a miniature garden park Sci-Labs had built into this building. The light for the room came compliments of the sky-light several stories above. At night, the lamp posts would light up, and the light from the upper story walkways sufficed. The area was filled with shrubs, small trees, some small flower gardens here and there, all set around a small central fountain. It was definitely the place to go to unwind just a little bit after several hours of stressful work involving a busted switch and a server with a possibly bad CPU.

Either way, Jared really needed a break. He made his way over to an unoccupied bench, and sat down with a sigh. It had been a couple of days since he and Broadside had been on the network for anything other than work. He again wondered if Broadside got bored during long periods of downtime, and resolved to give his Navi something to do for once rather than assume he didn't. Jared looked at the PET screen... "It's been a while since you've been on the network. Would you like to get out of the PET for a bit while we're talking a break from work?"

Broadside nodded, but declined to comment.

"Well, alright then." Jared added, smiling. Knowing him, this little outing will manage to take my mind off things for a bit. It always works out that way, whether I like it or not. He jacked Broadside into the Net while shaking his head and thinking back to previous events....

((to NetVegas Net))
Jared looked down in surprise as Broadside appeared back in the PET sooner than expected. "Wait, why did you return so soon? Weren't you about to play a card game with that guy back in NetVegas?"

"I am not interested in cards." Broadside responded blandly as he put his rifle away. He then walked over to a... honestly Jared had no idea what it was or how it had gotten there, but it looked like a machine of some sort... But anyway, once the Navi got there, he took off his Guard Rifle from his back, opened the slider on the front of the machine, and put the weapon into a rack made for it. To Jared's surprise, there were several copies of his rifle lined up in the module.

Now... when did that get there?

Somewhere in the background, Ro was kicked back at a table that seemed to be constructed out of a metal panel taken from the network. The SP leaned back in his chair, which appeared to be carved out of the remains of a rock cube, and stated: "The guy seemed fishy if you ask me." He turned his head to look over at where Broadside was standing and added "Right, chief?", and got a quiet nod from Broadside, who was now walking back from the armory station and carrying two more rifles.

Hey, ask him already. prodded a random thought....

Broadside laid them both down on the table, then turned back towards Jared's window and looked up at his Net-Op. "I'd like to take on another mission assignment, soon."

Jared raised an eyebrow. "Really...? Well, I suppose we could take a side job here and there. But it'll have to wait until after my work here at Sci-Labs is over with."

Broadside simply nodded.

"Speaking of which, I'd better get back to work in a little bit." Jared said as he stood up, however his stomach suddenly growled at him as he did so. "Well... maybe after some lunch."