And here we stand.

A metro trip and some walking later, and Trenn found himself standing in front of the Navi Shop.

He looked at the hard drive and PET in his hands and smiled, then opened the door and walked inside.
Trenn flopped down on the bench quite literally, either not noticing or not caring about the sudden pain that spiked from his butt from the sudden smack against hard metal. Trenn plugged the portable hard drive into one of the PET's ports, and looked over the screen anxiously as the 'download' bar progressed...
The download bar had read '100%' for some time.

Trenn wasn't paying attention.

Who could, after all, when there was somewhere around ten small copies of Wiz flying all around him? Every last one was laughing, or cheering, or just going 'Wheee!' at the top of their lungs as they flew through the air around Trenn's head, a sort of dance that would more than likely leave him with a headache later.

So it came as just as much of a surprise that when Trenn tapped the little 'OK' below the download bar, the copies all disappeared. Trenn peered down at the screen, worried, but was relieved when he saw Wiz energetically dancing circles through the air around Soundman, who was struggling to keep his eyes locked on his 'brother'.

Trenn laughed.

They were all finally together, for real this time.

Trenn looked over Wiz's code for what seemed to be the hundredth time with a sigh. There was nothing changed from when he made him. Not a single digit or letter was out of place.

Which of course made absolutely no sense. Wiz could *fly* before. So why not now?

It was then that Trenn looked at the navicust. Wiz had those Floatshoes he had bought installed-


Trenn thought about it again. Floatshoes allowed the user to hover about 5 feet off the ground, max. He didn't remember messing with Wiz or Soundman's navicusts, though.

He uninstalled the Floatshoes for a moment, closed the Navicust, and set up a few simulations.

[15 minutes later]

If the last bit made no sense, this made nonsense. Without the Floatshoes, Wiz couldn't even float, much less fly. Yet with them, he could only float. And none of his code had been altered.

So then why...?

Trenn looked over to Suitachi's shop. Well, if anyone could get me some answers, it would be him... Trenn stood from the bench he had been sitting on, and walked over to the shop. He ran a hand through his hair in a half-hearted attempt to fix it up a bit, and then pulled the door open.
Trenn threw the last, now-wiped disk in the trash can next to the bench, and sat back with a sigh. So he'd have to get upgrades for Wiz. This certainly threw a monkey wrench into things...

Trenn glanced at his PET. It looked rather odd, to be honest, having both his navis open for editing at the same time. He saved what few optimizations he had made to Wiz and closed that instance of the editor, then turned his attention to Soundman.

Well, he did have some spare space left...

A melancholy smile came over Trenn's face, and he got to work.
Trenn leaned back in the bench with a smile, this time a genuine one, plastered on his face. If this worked-

-well, it had to work. He had coded it to work.

Trenn closed the editor and saved the changes with a few button presses, and started the process of booting up Soundman. Granted, it only took around 10 seconds, but it was still a process of sorts.

When Soundman opened his digitized eyes once again, this time physically represented in the PET, Trenn smiled. "I installed the upgrades, Soundman." His voice sounded a lot more drained than usual. Soundman gave him a look that told him that even his navi noticed, but he chose not to press the issue.

"Alright. Are we going to try them out?" Soundman asked, not moving his gaze off of Trenn.

"Yeah. I'll jack you in. Head to ACDC's network once you're in." Trenn looked over at the Jack In button on the PET, and shook his head. A shaky finger was raised, and the button, enamel paint now beginning to chip from overuse, was pressed.

And then Soundman was jacked in.
Trenn checked his watch. The tourney was going to start soon... He stood up. He'd need to grab something from his house before he went to the tourney.

Trenn walked off, humming that same old tune. He could almost hear it already.