Rania got off the metroline cautiously, the black rubber soles of her sneakers resting comfortably down upon the tiled ground. The nostalgia of visiting this place with some of her friends came back to her, people who she'd not seen in a long time. She sighed, wishing she had some way to contact them. "Ah well. I guess if I want to I can always go busting with Amelie and GladiatorMan."

"Them again... How strong are they, anyways, Rania? Are there other navi users at your school?" MeleeMan asked, tapping his foot impatiently as he awaited an answer.

"Well sure. Almost everyone has a net navi, though not everyone has advanced battle routines with theirs," Rania answered, heading towards the public computers to that she could get onto the net. "At any rate, the mission says we need to head out to Netopia Net's cafe. It'll be a long trip, so do some stretches before you go if you need to."

"Pfft. Something like this, to me, is nothing. I find the concept of your pathetic 'Metroline' appalling. A real man uses his own feet," MeleeMan responded. Rania quickly jacked him into the network to shut him up, then sat back in her seat and looked around, feeling a little lonely. "I wonder what the navi's like, anyways? Her name sounds a little like Melee... Was it Melay? I can't really remember... I'll check the mail."